Shawn Ellington a.k.a. Murder Nova is a famous reality star known for appearing on the Discovery Channel’s series, Street Outlaws. Murder Nova needs no introduction to the fans of the show as he ruled as the King of the Street for over three years. He has accumulated an enormous net worth as a street racer.

Murder Nova Career and Net Worth

Shawn Ellington was born in Merced, California on November 15, 1979. He later moved to Sayre, Oklahoma with his family in 1982. He grew up sweeping in his dad’s auto body shop as a kid where he got to discover his love for cars. Nova and his dad, Richard, had few hobby cars in the auto shop which they worked around to experiment and made them faster.

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In 2005, Nova moved to Oklahoma City and bought his favorite car, 1969 Chevy Nova, which after heavy customization was named Murder Nova. The beast of a car soon earned the recognition as the fastest car in the country and helped Nova earn the nickname Murder Nova for himself in the street.

Street Outlaws' Shawn Ellington is smiling while posing for the camera.

He became the part of the docu-reality series, Street Outlaws, since the debut of the show in 2013. He was one of the most admired cast members of the series. His performance and speed on the tracks was second to none. Nova was crowned as the King of the Street for over three years until losing the crown to Doc and Daddy Dave. Despite the defeat, Nova has continually been working hard to reclaim back the #1 position on the list.

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On December 9, 2016, he unveiled the new Murder Nova at the Performance and Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The long-awaited car is said to be a lot safer, lighter and faster than its precursor. However, Nova went live on Facebook on July 20, 2017 to reveal his new Murder Nova might take one more season to be featured in the Street Outlaws.

Shawn Ellington aka Murder Nova posing for the camera. He is standing in front of his car.

Additionally, Murder Nova is the co-owner of the Midwest Street Cars in Oklahoma City along with Street Outlaws star, Big Chief. The duo also hosts a podcast called The Chief and Shawn Show where the two discusses about their life as a street racers. Although, Nova is one of the most celebrated street racers in the Street Outlaws, he is yet to reveal his net worth publicly.

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However, as a successful street racer and entrepreneur, Nova’s accumulated net worth is certain to be in millions. Even though, Discovery Channel has not revealed Nova’s salary, so far, it is obvious to make a significant addition to his net worth.

Murder Nova Personal Life and Wife

Shawn Ellington may be the Murder Nova in the street racing, but he is a family man when it comes to the life away from the speed. Nova has been married to his long-time girlfriend, Erin for over a decade now. The couple tied their knot with one another on December 17, 2005. The couple has been sharing a blissful marriage life since then.

Shawn Ellington and his son, Aiden is facing the camera while his wife, Erin is taking a selfie. They are in a stadium.

The pair got blessed with their first child, a son, Aiden (born on February 8, 2006). Just like father, Aiden is also a car fanatic. He is currently gives a hand to his dad in the shop, Midwest Street Cars.

As of now, Nova and his dad are now working together on Aiden’s K5 car.

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Street Outlaws is a famous docu-reality series airing on the Discovery Channel since 2013.

Murder Nova is one of the leading persons in the TV series about street racing.

Now, let’s get into the life of Murder Nova.

Shawn Ellington aka Murder Nova was born on November 15, 1979, in Merced, California.

He moved with his family to Sayre, Oklahoma, where he grew up working with his dad, Richard, in his auto body workshop.

A car fanatic from an early age, Shawn had a few favorite cars, on which he and his dad enjoyed working together.

After he moved to Oklahoma City in 2005, he bought his favorite car, 1969 Chevy Nova, which he customized entirely and named it Murder Nova.

The car, which was named one of the fastest street race cars in the country, made him a household name.

Shawn unveiled the long-anticipated new Murder Nova on December 9, 2016, at the Performance and Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The new race car is hard to distinguish from its predecessor, but the use of lightweight carbon fiber throughout its construction has made it safer and lighter.

The new Murder Nova is expected to be a much faster car than Shawn’s current ride.

Since PRI unveiling, Shawn and Midwest Street Cars crews have been installing the drivetrain, fabricating the turbo piping, wiring, and working on completion of the car.

On July 20, 2017, he went live on his Murder Nova Facebook, where he said it would be likely at least one more season before the new Murder Nova will be featured on ‘Street Outlaws.’

Shawn took the car out on the streets on his birthday.

He regularly updates about his projects on his Facebook page, where he has garnered over 3 million likes and followers.

Currently, Shawn and Richard are putting a lot of work on Shawn’s son, Aiden’s car K5, on which Richard laid down the beautiful red color.

Shawn’s father Richard is active on Instagram as murder_nova_dad and has been followed by nearly 43k people.

His loving wife, Erin is also popular on social media. She has garnered over 163k followers on her Instagram named mrs_mudernova, where she frequently posts family pictures.

Shawn and Big Chief of the Street Outlaws co-own Midwest Street Cars in Oklahoma City.

On September 29, 2015, a group of gunmen fired on the storefront of Midwest Street Cars, breaking windows and doors.

Fortunately, nobody was harmed. But they later followed Shawn to his house.

Shawn and Chief host a podcast named The Chief and Shawn Show, where they discuss their lives and street racing.

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