Pauley Perrette is an American actor widely recognized for her role as Abby Scuito on the series NCIS. She has appeared on the show since the very beginning, but she announced her exit from the show after season 15. Why is she leaving NCIS?

Career and Net worth of Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette started with various odd jobs like cook, waitress, a bartender and even wore a sandwich board and roller skated around passing for Taco Bell. Later, she stepped into the advertising field and started booking for commercials which led her to move to LA.

Pauley Perrette is wearing a grey t-shirt and is leaning on the wall

She was also featured in music videos for famous bands and artists like Madonna, Metallica, George Michael, Salt-n-Pepa and more. She is also involved in many charitable events, including the American red cross, animal rescue, civil rights and LGBT rights.

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She made her television debut in 1994, from Magical Make-over. She has been in movies, including The Ring and Almost Famous, and has made several appearances on television series, including Special Unit 2, 24 and CSI.

Pauley Perrette in the set of NCIS

Though she has been in the entertainment industry for quite a time, she earned her groundbreaking role of forensic scientist Abby Scuito in the series NCIS in 2003. Abby is one of the influencing characters for people and the NCIS team.

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Further, she also appeared in JAG, which gave her a lot of attention. All her roles have helped her boost her career and accumulate a net worth of $22 million.

Why is Pauley Perrette leaving NCIS?

Pauley Perrette has been in NCIS for 15 years, playing Abby Scuito. She is one of the two people to appear in NCIS every episode. She has gathered a huge fan throughout her stay in series. But she called it off from the series at the end of season 15 in October and announced this news on Twitter.

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Fans want to know the reason for her exit after all these years. Many rumors and assumptions that she has a skincare line. Her crew is mad at her for leaving. It has been her way since she announced her departure from the series.

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She cleared the rumors by saying it was a decision made a year ago, and proving rumors wrong, she announced she doesn’t have a skincare line, and her crew is not mad at her for leaving the show.

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Instead, the Executive producer said they had known this for a while and are planning a proper goodbye for her character. And she has been a valued member, beloved actress, and character, making it hard to say goodbye. 

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Pauley Perrette: Married, dating or single?

Pauley Perrette married actor and musician Coyote Shivers in 2000. But she called her marriage a quit after being the victim of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The couple divorced in 2004.

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They have been fighting a court war since their divorce as Pauley accused him of terrorizing, stalking and threatening her and kept a restraining order which she has been extending. 

Pauley Perrette with her then husband Coyote Shivers.

After Shivers, she was engaged to Michael Bosman from 2005 to 2009. The couple announced they would not marry unless same-sex marriage were legalized. Later, though same-sex marriage was legalized, couples did not get married. Rather, they ended their engagement.

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Further, she was engaged to a former British Marine and an actor Thomas Arklie on Christmas Eve 2011. But they did not pick any date for a wedding again, saying, “They would not get married until Prop 8 is invalidated”. Though Prop 8 was invalidated, the couple did not choose any date for the wedding and ended their engagement and separated ways in June 2017.


Pauley Perrette is known for starring in the American police procedural series NCIS from the beginning. She has gathered a huge fan base playing forensic scientist Abby Sciuto in the series. She announced her departure from NCIS at the end of season 15 in October, and fans are concerned about the reason.

It has been revealed that a proper send-off of her character has been planned. Apart from her NCIS career, there are some facts you might not know about the actress. We have been familiar with her raven-colored hair on NCIS, but she is a natural blonde.

Pauley revealed in 2015 that she acquired an allergy to black hair dye and was trying to figure out an organic replacement. Before trying out acting, Perrette was the lead singer of the LA grunge rock band Lo Ball. She recorded her song, Fear, under the name Stop Making Friends, which was featured in an episode of NCIS titled Aliyah.

Pauley: Attacked by a homeless man

Perrette was physically assaulted and threatened by a homeless man outside her Hollywood Hills home in Nov. 2015. She tweeted about the horrific event, and the accused, David Merck, was subsequently charged with felony counts of making a criminal threat.

She and musician Coyote Shivers married in 2000 and had a dramatic and disastrous end in 2004. Perrette sought a restraining order against Shivers, which he violated numerous times and served time in jail. Before entering the entertainment industry, she was a bartender in New York.