How It All Started

In today’s information Era, when the owner of website was looking for some facts about his favorite celebrity and hence googled, there were so many websites to look into but finding trustworthy data with some fan engagement was much of a rare case. So he decided to launch a website that provides information about celebrities. Since 2012 the owners of the website are working very hard in collecting information relaying to those to fans. We are still in beta version of the website. By the summer of 2017, we plan to launch the fully functional web-based application that allows fans to modify, rate, edit and even add some information which might be missing. Thanks to the contributors who helped us collect information on different celebrities.

Who We Are

Just like you, we also have our favorite celebrities. We seek and share information about them. Our contributors are fans of celebrities and want to share factual information about their favorite celebrities with the world. Our moderators are also fans. So we could say that this is a site for the fans by the fans.

What We Do aims to facilitate fans about facts and information related to their favorite celebrities. Every user can contribute by adding or editing the information provided in the website. All information posted are either provided by respective users, fans or other public sources. The owner of the page or the website itself is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, although our moderator and editors work with maximum efforts to check the authenticity of information and facts provided before publishing. Our system is being developed in such a robust way that the user engagement with positive response are considered the accurate information. Each viewer can review or verify our articles or posts and provide suggestions to edit the content. However, suggestions will only be published after cross verification. If you have any issues regarding the content published, you can also email us at [email protected].

Lastly, our page and website are created by fans for the fans. The concept is to share information about celebrities every one of us know via the medium of web application.


However, we do have certain cost for the servers and domains, likewise for moderators and editors, so we use advertisement as a financial aspect. We also seek help from the fans and plan to make our website advertisement-free in coming days once we launch our final version.


Once we launch our final web-application version, we’ll also launch native apps on available platforms.