Terms of Use

eCelebrityFacts is a website where fans contribute information about their favorite celebrities for non-monetary motivations. To know more about eCelebrityFacts visit our about us page.

Terms of Use provided in this document govern your use of our services. As used, ‘The Terms of Use’ in relation to “ecelebrityfacts.com service”, “our service” or “the service” means and includes all the services provided by eCelebrityFacts, it includes all the features and functionalities of both sites, user interfaces, as well as the content and software associated with our service.

If you wish to browse our site, make sure you have read the terms and conditions thoroughly. If you continue to browse our site, we will consider that you have agreed to comply with the terms and conditions we have offered. If you don’t agree with some or all of the terms disclosed in this document, you are advised not to use our site any further.


Right to Privacy

We respect an individual’s right to privacy. But in cases where a person is celebrated by his/her fans, we consider such individual to be of public interest and information about them to be public. As such all content are provided in our site with that intent in mind.

Intellectual Property & Copyright

We take infringement of copyright laws and intellectual property very seriously. We comply by the DMCA (US)Copyright Directive (EU) and any applicable law pertaining to your local territory. If you’ve found any material in our site that you believe to be infringing, help us by reminding how can we solve by informing through our link. Please include the following information:

  • URL of the Page Containing infringing material
  • Include “Copyright Issues” in the subject line.
  • Your complete contact information and identity proof.
  • And, prove that you are the owner of the material.

This would help us to deliver trustworthy and non-infringing content to the users.

Fair Use

Content included in our side is covered by “Fair Use” law under “use of information for news reporting”. Content we host are submitted by the general public and as such are may sometimes include infringing material, you may follow guidelines in the previous section to report such content.

Correction and Reporting

As we’ve mentioned before, we get content for this site directly from the fans. So, there’s a chance that some of the information provided in our site has some factual errors. If you’ve encountered any incorrect/misleading information on our site, report to us via our contact us form. Before contacting us make sure you have the following information ready:

  • URL of the page you want to report.
  • Reasons for reporting the content.
  • A specific portion(s) of content you want to report.
  • Correct information in place of incorrect one(s).
  • Proof that the information you have is factual and correct.
  • Your sources for the correct information.
  • Your authority on the subject matter.

Important Note: If you submit a request for alteration of some material, be reminded that such material won’t be taken down immediately. The material in question shall be updated only when we get correct material with proof from you.