Devyn LaBella is an American actress. Moreover, she is a producer and writer in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Till now, the actress appeared in forty-two credits. She is known for her appearance in American Horror Stories and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Keep reading the entire article for further information regarding After Lately actor Devyn LaBella’s career, education, early life, networth, and many more. Also, stay tuned for more upcoming news about Devyn’s life and update. Let’s jump right into Devyn LaBella’s early life without further hold.

Earlier Life and Family Life of Devyn LaBella

The Van Man star, Devyn, was born on 19 September 1990. she was born to Mr. and Mrs. LaBella in the United States of America. An actress is a family person who spends her success and events with her family members.

Devyn LaBella was posing as Elastigirl from The Incredibles.
Devyn LaBella was posing as Elastigirl from The Incredibles. Source: Instagram

Devyn is always curious about sports especially skating. Moreover, she is a beautiful bally dancer.’ Devyn took her area of interest side by side exploring her field. The actress was interested in acting; she went to acting school to polish her acting skills.

Regarding her education, Devyn completed her schooling in her hometown. She completed her higher studies she shifted to new york. Later she returned to her parents and took a gap from education where she started her career as an actress. Moreover, Devyn read a master’s in the art of acting and continued to explore more in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Profession Career

To have and to hold actress started her acting career when she was the age of four. Moreover, Devyn has appeared in various advertisements and television series like Friends, ER, and other popular shows. Her presence in the ad created her the opportunity to be part of the modeling. Devyn signed the contract with the Ford Models.

Later in 1997, Devyn made her presence known in the television world. She gave her back-to-back apperance in the entertainment industry. Moreover, Devyn is primarily a television person as Devyn has predominantly appeared in television series. She is a television celebrity, and her contribution created her success in most of her television series.

Currently, Devyn is known as a producer and writer in the Hollywood entertainment industry. She contributed eight credits as a producer and two credits as a writer. Her works are appreciated by the audience and praised by other actors in the entertainment industry.

Love Life of Devyn LaBella

Devyn LaBella married the love of her life, Alex Goyette. The couple, Alex and Devyb, wedded in early 2022. Both were in relation for more than seven years. Alex also works in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Devyn met her love during her shot in one of th television series.

Devyn LaBella and Alex Goyette on their wedding shoots. Source: Instagram

Regarding her ex-boyfriends and relationship, The actress has kept secrets about her past relationship. Moreover, she had various types of boyfriends while she was studying in school. None of her relationships was serious and mature. Devyn and Alex share their routine and daily routine with each other, which grew her relationship more robust.

Time of your life actress is blessed with friends who never let her feel alone. Her friends were always there to support her and balance her moods and moments in her life. Moreover, Devyn is a friendly and loving person who does not see the time and requirements to serve her needy friends.

Apperance of Devyn

After Lately star, Devyn lives a happy and busy life with her works and television shows. Moreover, the actress represents herself as a stunt player, model, actress, producer, and writer. It is rear to see the diverse quality under a single person.

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The whole Hollywood entertainment industry knows Devyn as a supportive and friendly actress. Furthermore, LaBella has blue-green eyes and brown hair.

Furthermore, Devyn has an average height like other girls, i.e., five feet and six inches. She is one of the most admirable actresses in the entertainment industry. Moreover, the audience is impressed with her dress and shoes.

LaBella has maintained her figure, where her weight is 50 kilograms. In addition, Devyn is a famous actress in the television world whose appearance is appreciated by the entertainment industry. Thus her fans and audiences are gradually increasing with her new projects.

How much net worth does Devyn LaBella hold?

IMDb and another website show Devyn LaBella holds an estimated net worth of $3 million. Her presence in the advertisement and television series has made the actress popular. Moreover, her primary source of income is from the entertainment industry from acting.

Devyn is promoting the poster. Source: Instagram

Regarding her other source of income, Devyn is more known for her stunts. she earns a handsome amount of money from her actions and dances. In addition, she is one of the actresses in Hollywood who is flexible and able to complete all the stunts scenes. According to her Instagram posts, Devyn is often seen doing stunts and skating.

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Apart from acting, she is a producer. According to IMDb, she has related about eight credits: television series, short videos, and mini-series. Moreover, she gave her input as a writer in two credits, Winnebago and Frenemizwhich released between the time of 2015 to 2016.

Some of her credits in the Hollywood industry are

  • Step by Step
  • ER
  • Friends
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Kidnap Me
  • The Drill
  • Control Freakshow
  • Expelled
  • The Man Van
  • Security
  • Agatha
  • Under the Stairs
  • Where are you from
  • Just in Case
  • Drip
  • Carolina
  • Deep Breathes
  • American Horror Stories
  • Countdown!
  • ManifestEvil
  • Aliwood
  • Immortal Hands

Social Media

Devyn started her career in the Hollywood entertainment industry at four. She got time to understand th format of the industry. Devyn has appeared in forty-two credits which have made her famous. Her hard work has paid off with th love of her audience.

The American Horror Stories actress has 15.2K followers on her social media (Instagram account) with over 1k posts and numerous highlights. Moreover, the actress loves to connect with her audience through her stories and live sessions during her free time.

Devyn has shared the picture with her husband and the setting, pre, and post-preparations. She shares her happy moments traveling and practicing the stunt that has made her fit. In addition, the actress also shares the poster of her projects for promotion and awareness for her audience.