Hazem Shammas is one of the famous Australian actors. According to online sources. The actor was born in 1982 in Palestine. He won the Logie Award for the Most Oustanding Supporting Actor for the Safe Habour in 2018. In addition, the actor has received nominations for various categories in the award ceremonies.

Alex and Eve, Hazem holds Australian citizenship. He has appeared in twenty credits. One of his most recent acting in television mini-series is The Twelve, released in 2022. Likewise, Shammas appeared in various television series and some films.

The Early Life and Family Life of Hazem Shammas

Safe Harbor actor Hazem Shammas welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Shammas. In addition, the actor and his parents lived in Palestine in Australia. The information of his parents is kept private. The actor shares a happy life with his parents. Moreover, he holds a mixed ethnicity as his parents are from different states.

Hazem Shammas was performing his role.
Hazem Shammas was performing his role. Source: Facebook

The Secret She Keeps actor Hazem has two siblings, one brother and a sister. Moreover, his siblings’ names and careers are kept secret from the public. The actor always needed the support of his parents and friends to complete his studies. Furthermore, the actor was always good at drama and sports. Whenever the actor got the opportunity, he used to participate in theater and acting.

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Shammas completed his schooling and college with his siblings as all the children of Mr. and Mrs. Shammas are in different one or two years. Moreover, the actor is educated as he has completed his bachelor’s in Art in Theatre. In addition, he completed his master’s at Advance Diploma.

Hazem Apperance

The Tumbler actor, Hazem, has an ideal height. In addition, he has a size of 5 feet 10inches. As per his social media and his presence in the media, we see Hazem in semi-formal attire. Moreover, he has maintained his physical body. Even at this age, he is completely fit and looks younger than his age.

Hazem has maintained his figure, whose weight is 75 kilograms, with muscular structure. In addition, he is one of the most famous actors in Australia who has given twenty credits to the entertainment industry. Hazem has a handsome and admirable smile. He has a huge fan following who admire his smile and eyes. My Life is Murder star has brownish eyes and hazel curly hair.

Controversy of Hazem

Hungry Ghosts star, Hazemis successfully managed his private life apart from the media and reach of the public. In addition, he does not have social media accounts where his fans can track him. He has not been a part of controversies.

As Hazem is apart from the media, his basic information is also unknown to the press. We can say that Hazem successfully manages to have a gap between his professional life and private life. He is working hard to grab opportunities for stable roles and projects in the Hollywood industry.

Love Life and Relationship of Hazem Shammas

Alex and Eve star Hazem Shammas is a hardworking actor committed to his upcoming projects. Moreover, he has kept his relationship status secret. He is working hard for his apperance in film and the Hollywood entertainment industry. Inaddition, Hazem keeps his focus on being a sportsperson and an actor.

Hazem Shammas during his role in the television series.
Hazem Shammas during his role in the television series. Source: Facebook

Regarding Hazem’s relationship, he had few ex-girlfriends. He believes a person who returns to his ex is stupid. Furthermore, he believes in moving forward rather than digging into the past. He shares that past is history, and the future is a mystery. Hazem is a supportive man who helps during bad and good days.

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Shammas’s brother and sister help him to make the decision. In addition, he spends his time with family members and friends. Moreover, he is a person who believes in working hard and parting harder. New projects keep him busy, and he does not feel the absence of a girl of life partner in his life. In addition, Hazem has promised the media that he will share if he is in a relationship.

Hazem Shammas and his net worth

X: The night of Vengeance actor Hazem Shammas’s primary income source is his appearance and role in the entertainment industry. According to IMDb and other websites, Hazem holds about $3 million as his net worth. He appeared in television series and advertisements and is a brand ambassador for some domestic products.

Hazem Shammas received the award for his role in Safe Harbour.
Hazem Shammas received the award for his role in Safe Harbour. Source: Facebook

Regarding his other source of income, Hazem is more known for his sports and stunts. Moreover, he earns a handsome amount of money from his actions and sports. Hazem is trying g his luck in the advertisement and film industry with more minor roles. He is one of the flexible actors in Australia.

Hazem believes in sharing and distributing happiness with needy people through his charity. In addition, East-West 101 actor spends his free time in the orphanage. He likes children; however, he teaches them singing and sports. The actor is very particular about privacy. Therefore the name and amount of the charity are not public yet.

Award and achievements Hazem

The Secret She Keeps star, Hazem Shammas, has won one award and two nominations (as per IMDb). Furthermore, in 2018, Shammas was awarded the Logie Award for his most outstanding supporting actor. Logie Award was the first award Hazem earned in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Moreover, he received the award for Safe Habour, which his audience loves.

In the same year, 2018, the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards presented the nomination. Hazem was nominated for the best lead actor in the television drama for his appearance in the same ” Safe Harbour” television series.

Moreover, in 2019 Hazem got the opportunity to be nominated for the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in the mini-series. He received a nomination for the same television series Safe Harbour.

Some of Hazem’s appearances in the entertainment industry are:

  • Safe Harbour
  • Alex and Eve
  • The Secrets She Keeps
  • The Twelve
  • After Verdicts
  • Barons
  • Hungry Ghosts
  • My Life Is Murder
  • The Hunting
  • Underbelly
  • 100 Blind Deals
  • East West 101

Social Media Presence

Safe Harbour star Hazem is not present on any social media. Moreover, he likes to keep her private life away from the public. He believes the internet and phone are distractions for a human beings. Phone slows work and personal development. Furthermore, Hazem successfully manages his life privately, away from the media.