Who is Big Chief’s new girlfriend? Did Justin Shearer divorce his wife?

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Rumor has it that Justin Shearer aka Big Chief has divorced his wife and has a new girlfriend now. The new woman in his life is allegedly Jackie Braasch. Read on for more details on his relationships.

Is Big Chief divorced? Where is Justin Shearer’s wife?

Big Chief standing at the door of his car alongside wife Allicia

According to some fans, Big Chief’s wife of over a decade, Allicia, filed for divorce in May 2017. The couple have been married since 2006 and share two children together.

If this news is true, it’s likely that they’ll settle on a joint custody of their sons. Shearer’s wife has been absent from Street Outlaws in the latest season, which sparked the rumors in the first place. 

What is Big Chief doing now?

Is Jackie Braasch Big Chief’s new girlfriend?

Big Chief's rumored new girlfriend Jackie Braash

Fans have been speculating that Big Chief’s marriage is over because of Allicia’s absence.

Some have pointed out that Big Chief has already moved on. It seems that he’s sparking dating rumors with Jackie Braash.

Braash is a member of the premiere motorsports women’s organization, Car Chix.

She is also a racer and regularly competes in the Super Pro, Rockett Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series on the Route 66 Raceway. She has won the Junior Dragstar Division several times.

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