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Justin Shearer aka Big Chief is best known for starring on Discovery’s Street Outlaws. For those searching for his Wikipedia, here’s a quick bio on Big Chief featuring his net worth, girlfriend, new car and also find out what he’s up to in 2017.

Quick Facts About Big Chief

Name Big Chief
Profession Race Rider
Gender Male
Birthday December 09, 1980
Age 37 Years Old
Star Sign Sagittarius

Big Chief Wiki: Short bio

Big Chief was born on December 9, 1980, in Louisville, Kentucky. He was into street racing from a young age so much so that he would go to watch street races on Old Route 66 on his bike when he was nine.                       

His family relocated to Oklahoma when he was 12 where was exposed to the racing scene more. His mother has been a great inspiration for him in his life. 

Big Chief working on a car engine

“I didn’t realize it at the time, but my mother is my hero. She raised two mean ass kids by herself and went to school to become a nurse while working fulltime and dealing with my crap. She is the superhero that saved my life,” says Chief. 

Training horses with her is one of his favorite memories, as is working on cars with his father. “My dad has been involved in motorsports since he was young. He started taking me to the track as a baby and always included me when working on or racing the cars," said Big Chief.

What is Big Chief’s Street Outlaws net worth in 2017

Big Chief began starring on Discovery’s Street Outlaws in the first season, which premiered on the channel in 2013. Street Outlaws is a reality television series which focuses on the lives of street racers such as Big Chief. 

He returned for the following season in December 2013 and has been consistently appearing in the show. Big Chief recently wrapped up in the Street Outlaws ninth season in June 2017.

Big Chief’s net worth from the show is estimated to be around $800,000. 

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Who is Justin Shearer’s wife?

Big Chief standing at the door of his car alongside wife Allicia

Yes, Big Chief is married! He tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Allicia in 2006. They met when he was 18 and working at a full-service gas station.

Big Chief and Allicia have a small family of their own, parenting two children. Their sons are named Corbin Shearer and Corvil Shearer.

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