Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and former TV anchor, Lauren Sánchez are all over the internet! Reports have it that they have been dating for about four months and both of their partners were blindsided by their romance.

After the news of Bezos’ affair with Sánchez surfaced, the world is wondering how Bezos’ 25-year-long marriage with MacKenzie Bezos will end. As soon as Bezos couple announced their decision to call off their marriage, The National Enquirer also revealed that they have been investigating the Amazon CEO for four months.

The tabloid said that they were secretly tracking Bezos “across five states and 40,0000 miles,” and in the process, they found the evidence that he has been “whisking his mistress off to exotic destination on his $65 million private jet.”

While people are speculating a messy divorce battle of Bezos, they are also trying to know more about his new girlfriend. Here’s everything you need to know about Lauren Sánchez and her former relationship.

1. Total Blindside

Jeff Bezos Lauren Sanchez and Jake Whitesell smiling for a picture

According to an insider, Sánchez’s husband, Patrick Whitesell (a close friend of Bezos) was unaware of how serious the affair was and for how long it was going on. Reportedly, they were having problems in their marriage for quite a while and were trying to “work things out.”

While some say, they separated sometime in 2018. Whitesell, a Hollywood agent and co-founder of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, got married in August 2005 in a star-studded ceremony that cost around $2 million. They have two children together, a son, Evan (born 2006) and a daughter, Ella (born 2008).

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2. High Profile Relationships

Henry Simmons and Lauren Sanchez arriving at the premiere of 'Welcome To Collinwood'

Sánchez was previously in a relationship with former NFL tight end, Tony Gonzalez, with whom she shares a teenage son, Nikko (born 2001). She was engaged to an NYPD Blue actor, Henry Simmons, until 2003.

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3. Licensed Pilot

Lauren sitting on a wing of a airplane. She is wearing glasses and a hat.

Sánchez started flying planes and helicopters as a licensed pilot in 2011 and launched her own film aerial production company, Black Ops Aviation in 2016. After obtaining her license, she said,

“I had my job, I had a career, and then I found a calling. I loved entertainment and I loved filming, and so I got to combine all of it. Only six percent of pilots are women, and there’s even less in the film industry. So I was like, I want to film movies, that’s what I want to do. I’m living my dream. Everyone says, follow your passion. I loved being on camera and now I still have a camera, it’s just 3,000 feet in the air.”

She is said to have met Bezos for the first time during an aerial video shooting for his company, Blue Origin.

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4. Emmy Award-winning Anchor

Sánchez, 49, is a third-generation Mexican-American, born as Wendy Sánchez (Bezos reportedly uses Wendy as a code name) and grew up in Albuquerque, Mexico. She moved to California after graduating high school and went to El Camino Community College and attended the University of Southern California in a scholarship.

Lauren at the Emmy Awards. She is wearing a beautiful dress.

While at USC, she landed an internship as a desk assistant at KCOP-TV in LA and worked as an anchor and reporter at KTVK-TV before returning to KCOP in 1999. She became the first Hispanic female ever to be an anchor at KCOP, and later hosted the first season of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance in 2005.

She has worked as a reporter on the syndicated entertainment show, Extra and her work as an anchor and correspondent for the sports magazine, Going Deep, was honored with an Emmy. A runner-up of nationwide hosting competition during The View season 2 (2000), she has often been dubbed as the most beautiful and hot TV anchor.

Now, the former reporter of KTTV’s Good Day L.A., continues to work on Extra and frequently appears on The Joy Behar ShowLarry King Live and Showbiz Tonight.

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5. Film Appearances

Lauren posing for a picture on a red carpet.

Alongside her hosting duties, she has made cameo appearances in numerous movies, including Fantastic FourThe Longest YardSawWe Bought A Zoo and Flight Club. She starred as Lydia Filanjeri, a reporter for Gotham Cable News in the viral video campaign for The Dark Knight and had appeared in TV series like Days of Our Lives and NCIS.

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