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The untold truth of Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity and his highly popular news show might portray a suave, clever and composed image but the conservative host associated with Fox News has quite a shady past. A staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, Hannity is one of the biggest names in the American News industry and his show, Hannity is the most watched cable news program of its time slot in America.

Besides his TV presence, his radio show is the second most listened show in the US. He has been the figure of major controversies over the years and has been vocal about his support for Republican policies throughout the years. Over the years, Hannity has amassed a massive net worth of $220 million with an annual salary of $40 million.

Despite his best attempts, Hannity is constantly surrounded by controversy, most of which he tries to wave off by claiming it to be "fake news." On paper, Sean Hannity is just a political commentator, but when you dig deeper there are some dark secrets about his personal life.

Controversial First Job

A newspaper clipping with an article that explains why Hannity was fired from KCSB. The title called him a 'Shock Jock'

Hannity never finished college. He claimed that he ran out of money to fund his education and had to drop out. To support himself, he landed a job at the University of California’s KCSB radio station in the year 1989. 

Here, he began to develop his trademark radio hosting style, but it was not without its speed bumps. Hannity is known to have dabbled too much in conspiracy theories about AIDS and homosexuality. In one incident he claimed that people who believed homosexuality to be normal were brainwashed. Needless to say, his ignorant comments got him fired from the job. 

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Association with Michael Cohen

Hannity poses alongside convicted lawyer Michael Cohen. Hannity is wearing casual pink t-shirt while Cohen is in a formal suit

Michael Cohen is an American attorney who served as a lawyer for Donald Trump. After a federal investigation began, Trump fired Cohen. Cohen was later found guilty after he admitted to misusing campaign funds. He was recently sentenced to prison.

Surprisingly, when a judge ordered him to name his clients, he mentioned Sean Hannity among the three he had been providing legal counseling for. Hannity was quick to defend himself claiming that he had only sought some advice regarding real estate, despite Cohen’s insistence that he was indeed a client. The defensive behavior was scrutinized by many due to Cohen’s long history of scandalous behavior.

Sean Hannity Relationship Detail

Influence In the White House

Hannity and Trump smile and pose with thumbs-up during a formal event

Hannity has long since maintained the image of a simple-minded political commentator. However, many journalists provide a rather conflicting image of Hannity. In a research conducted by The Washington Post, former campaign associates and anonymous sources revealed that Hannity has close ties to President Trump.

Trump has been known to consult Hannity frequently, often speaking about the media and legal probes and Hannity has long since proved a close adviser to Trump. So impactful is Hannity’s influence that many in the White House call him the "unofficial Chief of Staffs." Despite this, Hannity denies his ties to the POTUS.

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Irresponsible Gun Handling

Hannity and Rick Perry appear on a boat, a mounted high caliber machine gun is also featured in the photograph

A more disturbing issue surrounding Hannity is an off-air incident wherein he is said to have drawn a gun on a guest speaker. A laser dot sight was pointed at guest Juan Williams. The incident is said to have been so disturbing that witnesses to the event brought it to the attention of Fox executives.

When asked about the incident, he denied the allegations and said that he was demonstrating an unloaded weapon to a friend and the situation was under control. The claim was scoffed by many since Hannity has a long history of controversial incidents.

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Suspicious Real Estate Deals

Sean Hannity with clasped hands, he's wearing a mic on his pink tie

Sean Hannity has presented himself as a voice of the middle-class people of America. However, he has exploited troubles of middle-class families in the past. Hannity amassed a real estate empire by purchasing foreclosed homes. He is believed to have bought over ten properties from convicted fraud, Jeffrey Wayne Brock.

Brock was alleged of rigging auctions to buy foreclosed properties at minimum bidding prices. He was sent to prison for fraud and Hannity denied that he ever invested in Brock. Despite his claims, it is suspicious that Hannity was associated with a rather controversial figure.

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