Updated: 08/30/2018 09:55 AM | First Published: 08/25/2018 04:01 PM

Stars celebrating 70 in 2018! Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne and 8 others

Time waits for no one, eventually even for Hollywood stars. It takes away the one thing that people treasure the most, youth! Time really makes us face the fact that we have less life ahead of us than what we’ve already lived.

However, in the glamour industry, we have witnessed people growing old gracefully. One has to be bold and beautiful to maintain an immovable spot in the entertainment world, and many stars have done that in an impressive way. So, people always get confused with their real age as they seem much younger than they really are.

Today let’s take a look on some celebrities who are turning 70 and some who have turned 70 in 2018 but don’t look that way.

#10. Samuel L. Jackson 

Samuel L. Jackson wearing a flat cap and specs

No actor in Hollywood is more loved than Samuel Leroy Jackson. The star of the Avengers series and Star Wars saga is turning 70 on December 21, but it doesn’t seem like age is slowing him down. Samuel is set to star in Marvel’s 2019 movie, Captain Marvel. How cool is that?

#9. Ozzy Osbourne 

Ozzy Osbourne wearing red sunglasses

Back in the 80s, Ozzy Osbourne a.k.a “The Prince of Darkness” was the heart, soul, and voice of heavy metal music and Black Sabbath. Ozzy is turning 70 on December 3, and it feels like just yesterday when he bit the head off a live bat in front of the audience.

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#8. George R. R. Martin 

George R.R. Martin author of the famous novel A Song of Ice and Fire wearing a flat cap and attending Game of Thrones Premier

The author and novelist, George R. R. Martin will be turning 70 on September 20. HBO’s hit fantasy series, Game of Thrones, is based on his novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Currently, he is working on the sixth book of the novel series, The Winds of Winter.

#7. Bryant Gumbel 

Bryant Gumbel speaking at a conference

Best known for co-hosting NBC’s Today show for 15 years, Bryant Gumbel will be celebrating his 70th birthday on September 29. Since 1995, Bryant has been hosting HBO's acclaimed investigative series, Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel. The show has been rated as “TV's most honored sports journalism series.”

#6. Prince Charles of Wales 

Prince Charles smiling

His Majesty, Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales will be celebrating his 70th birthday on November 14. Prince Charles is the longest serving Prince of Wales, and has been in the line for the throne since 1958.

#5. Steven Tyler 

Steven Tyler posing for a picture wearing a white blazer and gold chains

‘The Demon of Screamin’, who has graced the music industry with a string of hit singles like Dream On, Sweet Emotion and Walk This Way, turned 70 on March 26. He celebrated his birthday in Maui, where his partner Aimee Preston threw a party for him. 

On May 10, his documentary, Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb, was premiered at the opening of the Nashville Film Festival. The movie depicts his move from rock music into the country realm. 

#4. Alice Cooper 

Alice Cooper singing in one of his concerts

“The Godfather of Shock Rock” celebrated his sensational 70th birthday on February 4. He released his 27th studio album, Paranormal, last year. The singer was well appreciated for performing as King Herod on NBC’s live performance of Jesus Christ Superstar on April 1, 2018. 

#3. Robert Plant 

Robert Plant wearing a scarf in a black and white picture

Led Zeppelin’s wailing frontman, Robert Plant, turned 70 on August 20. This living legend of rock and roll has been influencing millions of music junkies throughout the world for over 50 years now. 

The legendary singer released his 11th album in October 2017. He is set to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018. A toast in his honor!

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#2. Kathy Bates     

Kathy Bates wearing a blue dress and a necklace

Kathy Bates, who has established herself as a scene-stealing supporting actress and even a master of cameos in a handful of movies and TV series, celebrated her 70th birthday on June 28

As of now, this Academy Award-winning actress is set to star in the eighth season of American Horror Story

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#1. Stevie Nicks 

Stevie Nicks wearing sunglasses

Fleetwood Mac’s iconic vocalist Stevie Nicks turned 70 on May 26. With Fleetwood Mac and as a solo, Stevie has sold over 140 million copies of her records. 

Fans have been slowly wrapping their collective heads around the fact that the band will play over 50 arena dates later this year and in early 2019. Get ready for some more great classic rock!

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