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Led Zeppelin Reunion: Reasons why they won't reconcile again!

2018 marks the 50th year since the iconic British rock band, Led Zeppelin, was born. 12 years after the formation and release of eight studio albums, the tragic demise of drummer John Bonham shut the whole thing down. Those albums which exhibited their creativity, musicianship, songwriting and production still stand among the finest records ever made during the rock era and make them still “dear in the hearts” of their fans.

Led Zeppelin's band members

In 2007, singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones took the stage at the 02 Arena in London, where Bonham’s son Jason joined them as a drummer. Their two hour performance stoked the appetite of fans for more and this year, on March 23, they reissued their 2003 triple live album, How the West Was Won, in many formats like 3CD, Blu-Ray Audio, 4LP and a Super Deluxe Edition box set.

It has been hard for Plant, who recently released another solo record and toure d for it. Wherever he goes, the question hangs in the air: Will Led Zeppelin ever reunite again?

Here are some obvious reasons why Led Zeppelin may not ever reunite.

John Bonham’s death

Led Zeppelin dissolved after a tragedy struck when the band’s drummer, Bonham sadly passed away on September 25, 1980. The well-acclaimed “Bonzo” was an infamous lover and consumer of alcohol, but not even his body could resist the forty measures of vodka that he drank during a 12-hour band rehearsal that day. Highly devastated by the loss, Page, Plant and Jones officially announced the band’s split a few months later.

Young John Bonham smiling

In an official statement, they said, "We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend and the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were."

When asked about the reason why haven’t reunited, each of the members have time and again reiterated that they shared “something very, very special and they can’t be like before in absence of Bonham.”

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Robert Plant doesn’t want to look back

It has been close to 38 years since Bonham’s demise and the subsequent end of the band, but Plant still can’t make a move without being asked, “What about a Led Zeppelin reunion?” Sure, the man has enjoyed an immense success in his solo career, one that has lasted over three times as long as that of Led Zeppelin. He has aggressively pursued his ever-wandering muse across the globe, yet fans are desperately waiting for him to perform as Led Zeppelin. 

Robert Plant standing behind the stand-mic

Recently, after the release of his album, Carry Fire, an interviewer informed him that his editors threatened to kill him because he didn’t talk to Plant about the possibility of him going back to do the long-awaited big gig. “My suggestion to you is to make sure you wear the right clothes when they kill you,” Plant responded with a tart.

Maybe tired of confronting those same queries time and again, he has stated that he will keep moving on with his own career rather than going back to the past.

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Momentum has been lost

In their 2007 O2 show, their first ever gig after the band dismantled, fans were wishing that Led Zeppelin will reform and conquer the planet once again. However, Robert Plant said no and the rest also gave up on the idea and returned back to their lives as multi-millionaire musicians once again. 

Young Led Zeppelin members in front of the plane

Ruling out the chances of the band’s reunification, Page told, “You've just got to face facts. We've gone past the tenth anniversary of the O2, where we managed to do one serious concert. That's the only thing that we've done for such a long time, so I very much doubt we'll do anything else. I really think the time has gone."

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No one could take Plant’s place

When O2 show finished, Plant went back to his solo duties, but Jones, Page and Jason Bonham did not gave up easily. After realizing that their singer wasn’t going to join them, they worked behind the scenes throughout 2008 searching for someone in vocals.

Led Zepplin's Robert Plant with long hair

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy tried to fill-in Plant. However, they go couldn’t get along with Tyler, who didn’t seem familiar with Led Zeppelin’s catalog. And, Kennedy, with whom things seemed to go better, enjoyed the rehearsals with the Zeppelins but couldn’t be Plant’s replacement. Finally, they decided to forgo a Plant-less Zeppelin rebirth

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