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Here are reasons why Guns N’ Roses won’t release new album

Every rock and roll fan has this fantasy of their favorite band’s members staying together till the end of time until angels carry them up to heaven. However, things might not go as plan. Many hearts were broken when Led Zeppelin split after the tragic demise of drummer John Bonham. 

On the other side, The Beatles and Guns N’ Roses split due to internal conflicts. However, Guns N’ Roses surprised fans reuniting and touring all around the world. After Not in This Lifetime Tour, the band will hit the road in June with Tour dates in a six-week run of festivals and stadiums in Europe.

However, despite the reunion, a new album of the rock and roll band seems like a fairytale we all want so desperately but seems unachievable. Well! If you are wondering why Guns N’ Roses won’t release a new album, then we have you covered.

The rivalry between Axl and Slash

Starting from 1989 when Axl indirectly called out Slash on stage referring to the guitarist’s drug addiction to calling him “cancer” in 2009, things are just not right with them. The bridges have burned so much that they refused to attend Rock n Roll Hall of Fame tribute just so because they would have to see each other. 

Slash and Axl

Indeed, just because they are touring outside on venues and selling out stadiums replaying their old songs does not mean that they have mended bridges enough to sit inside the studio and mess around with the tunes and vocals to dig something out. Also, Slash has got quite a lot of other projects as he has been the most active member since the band disintegrated. Sorry guys but that’s just the way it is.

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Afraid of losing glory

There’s an unsaid rule in show business: “Leave your position yourself before they push you out.” Bringing out another album would mean being compared to the days when they took a pound of cocaine and just crush the stage in their youth. Also, the excitation regarding their latest album “Chinese Democracy” was good but not for the band of their stature. What if their new albums suck?

Guns N' Roses

Not all times in a band’s career is high times. So, it might be a good thing after all that the last memories of Guns N’ Roses are reunited band members playing their greatest hits, not them bombing on new tunes they created that just makes you yawn. They must know about this aspect of artistic endeavor. So, they won’t bring out a new album but just keep doing live shows and make people nostalgic about their hippie days dancing in Guns N’ Roses concert. 

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Axl’s volatile nature

Though the band has reunited in shows the possibility of spending days and days with each other trying to come up with good songs are slim because Axl has had several troubles, including many court cases and numerous arrests. 

Axl is wearing a bandana on his head and leather jacket

Including the incidents of cops in Indiana not liking him writing anti-immigrant songs, the idea of him singing with that high pitch, feral, powerful voice now at this age with the personal problems he's had throughout the years seems out of the question. He’s volatile and considered by many insiders to be the main reason for the band’s break up. So, in this life rock n roll fans can’t expect these guys to sit inside studio making music the way they used to do. That ship sailed years ago.

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Make enough on the road

They have been unbelievably touring, making fans happy who were eagerly waiting for the hard rock band to reunite. They have toured every places imaginable, from different states, including Toronto, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dubai and Tel Aviv.

Axl and Slash during  a concert

The members of Guns N’ Roses have sold a total of $475 million dollars on their roadshow in 2016 tour. So, it’s obvious that they don’t have to work on new albums to survive. As they are leading financially stable life and concerts are grossing half a billion dollars, they can just relive the past glories of their golden days rather than trying to hustle when they have grown as old as they have.

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Already a legend

As grim as it sounds, the highest achievement of an artist is one legendary song that they had once created and one concert they threw that forever changed the face of rock n roll and to say Guns N’ Roses have done that will not be an overstatement. That is the only yardstick to measure an artist’s or bands’ worth and being ordinary is not an option.

Guns N' Roses during a concert

Sure one could say that the Guns N’ Roses band members have now ended a career but turn on that earphone and listen to that cool bass that backs up the Slash’s guitar notes, and Axl tops it off with his feral, gritty voice and just get lost in their songs. We can just enjoy that, songs on repeat created by one of the most celebrated rock n roll bands rather than waiting on the hopes of a new album which might not happen. But hey! Life does have a funny way of proving us wrong. Let’s just wait.

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