Kenny Crossley is a buyer and self-proclaimed “Praline King” from New Orleans, who is known for appearing in A&E reality TV series, Storage Wars. Having previously appeared as a recurring guest from season 2 to 4, he made his comeback as one of the main buyers in the tenth season of the show.

Everything about “Parline King” 

Kenny and Barry posing for a picture

Before getting into storage business, he worked for the Sheriff’s Department. Leaving law enforcement behind, he moved to Los Angeles and started managing storage facilities. He met Barry Weiss and formed an alliance with “The Collector” after helping him open a jammed locker. Kenny and Barry became close friends and he appeared in both of Barry’s spin-off shows, Barry’d Treasure and Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back.

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Apart from storage units, Kenny owns a praline business, Jackie’s Famous Pralines, and a clothing line with the tag, Kenny Do It. He flaunts many designs of his clothes while appearing on the show. Additionally, he has also been an Uber driver in Long Beach, California since February 2014. His cheerful personality, as well as a fresh approach to the business of storage lockers, has made him a fan favorite. He has gotten along very well with other cast members of Storage Wars, especially Dan and Laura Dotson and Mary Padian. He is active on social media, where most of his posts are related to his clothing brand promotion. He has kept his personal life under wraps, but occasionally posts pictures of his grand kids.

Storage Wars Cast Net Worth in 2018: Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz, Barry Weiss & more…


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