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Storage Wars' Ivy Calvin's Athletic Career & 4 More Facts

Best known for his appearance on the A&E reality television series, Storage Wars, Ivy Calvin is rarely tripped up by other buyer’s shenanigans. With the confident, loud and straightforward personality, Calvin has made a name in the industry as a savvy businessman. Here are some interesting facts about the no-nonsense buyer. 

#5. The King of Palmdale

Calvin proudly refers to himself as “The King of Palmdale.” Thanks to his success in the auction business. He has been interested in storage lockers for years and has collected a vast knowledge while spending the better part of a decade visiting auctions in different corners of the country.

Ivy Calvin is wearing a black hoodie while giving a side look

He is the owner of a thrift store, Grandma’s Attic, in Palmdale, California. The store, opened in 2009, features the peculiar items that Calvin has bid on for the show. If you are looking to get in touch with his one-of-a-kind pieces, then you can also check out his website as he has expanded the business to a large online presence. He is also regularly promoting his business through social media.

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#4. Was an Athlete!

Well, we admire reality stars for what they do on-screen and believe that they must’ve been doing that since forever. But, that is not always the case. Before buying storage units, Calvin was a football player and MMA athlete.

Ivy Calvin is holding rugby ball in his left hand and a fish in his right  hand

He used to play linebacker at Cal State Northridge and has even played professionally in the arena football league. He then took his move up to the ring. One of his astounding records during his MMA career was back in 2002 when he defeated his opponent within a minute by his keylock. Well, he still has the fierce and competitive nature and tries to beat his opponents on the auction circuit as well.

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#3. Appearance on Storage Wars

Ivy Calvin along with other cast members of Storage Wars

After Dave Hester’s on-screen departure, Calvin started appearing in the third season as a part-time cast member. Attributing his competitive spirit to his early days as an arena football player and MMA fighter, he has cemented his legacy as a bold, confident and determined buyer on the show. Also, he’s got more than a decade and a half of experience under his belt. Later, winning hearts of millions of viewers, he got a full-time role in the fifth season. So far, he has appeared in 50 episodes and counting. 

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#2. Travels for Auctions

Ivy Calvin is wearing a grey-colored hoodie

When you are bidding on something, you undoubtedly would hope to get the best out of it. And Calvin is no exception. In fact, he doesn’t mind taking an extended trip to get the best goods available whether that’s within California or anywhere else in the entire United States. He's got a formula to keep the auction game on his favor. He regularly connects with the locals prior to each auction trip. That’s pretty clever!

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#1. A Family Man

Ivy Calvin's sons Ivy Jr. and Isaish in players' uniform

Calvin seems to put all his energy into storage auctions. But, he has a beautiful life outside of Storage Wars. He loves to spend quality time with his two sons, Ivy Jr., and Isaiah. The family regularly spends time outdoors, especially on fishing trips across California. Ivy Jr. often joins him on the show.


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