Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel is having a hard time keeping things together this season. Parker, who had collected 6000 ounces of gold worth $7.2m last year, is struggling to keep up with the rush. The 24 years old miner is already three weeks behind other miners this season due to various reasons in which his foreseeable feud comes at the top.

Parker Schnabel is in big trouble!

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In the first episode of the eighth season, Parker left the land he had leased from Tony Beets last year after he refused to reduce the royalty rate. After leaving Tony’s land, he moved his entire operation to the land he bought last year for $500,000 which is right beside Tony’s current ground. Explaining the situation to his team, Parker said, “Tony will not negotiate on royalties at all. I’ve told him to cancel the f**king contract.” When asked the reason he added,

“We gave Tony a lot of money, we’ve paid over a thousand ounces in royalties mining the last cut last year. I’ve always wanted to buy a piece of town and I’ve always wanted our operation to be independent of a landlord and we finally have that opportunity and chance to try this out.”

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However, his miseries continue while he’s trying to start on his own ground as he doesn’t have clean usable water and Tony doesn’t allow him to lay pipes on his ground. To get back on the game this season, Parker now needs to avoid the permitting process with EMR and this is only possible if Tony agrees to share his water. In the second episode, Parker’s crew was ordered to stop intaking water from Tony’s ground by mining inspectors. So, he had no other option than continuing his old deal with Tony and start mining by paying him royalties. Seems like Tony has won the land war. In the midst of all these mishaps, Parker just had a fire on his dozer, which he refers as his most valued possession that costs $1.5 million.

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Todd Hoffman new show!

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Season of gold has begun for all the miners, including veteran Todd Hoffman, who announced his departure from Gold Rush after season 8. Hoffman may have left the Gold Rush but he isn’t done with mining yet. According to Deadline, he has teamed up with the producer of Deadliest Catch and Bering Sea Gold, Thom Beers & Jeff Conroy for a new reality show, Greenhorn Gold. The show will feature 40 amateur miners who will compete with each other to be one of six miners to take home gold worth $200k in the finals.

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