Alaskan Bush People documented the cancer of Ami Brown. While many supported her and wished for her sound health during her cancer battle, some claimed reality TV faked her cancer diagnosis.

Is Ami Brown Faking Cancer?

Ami Brown was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. And given a three percent chance of survival in 2017. Ami’s doctors at UCLA Medical Center have broken their silence on treating the TV star.

Ami sitting on a sofa. She has glasses on and is wearing white sweater

“Amora Brown was diagnosed with Stage III non-small cell lung cancer in April 2017. Treatment for her cancer included a four-month course of chemotherapy with radiation. Her disease responded well to the treatment, and, according to her UCLA oncologist Dr. Deborah Wong, she is now in remission. Although her most recent scans show no evidence of cancer, Amora will continue to be monitored closely by her medical team over the next several months.”

To be near a medical facility for Ami’s frequent checkups, the family abandoned their longtime homestead in Alaska and settled in a new home in Washington.

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Though recent few years had been challenging for the family due to Ami’s health crisis, Noah abandoning the family and many more, they are rebuilding their lives together now. Last year, Noah married his longtime partner, Rhain Alisha. And now, the whole family became thrilled with the arrival of their baby boy, Elijah Connor Brown.

Likewise, Gabe also married his girlfriend of more than a year, Raquell Rose Pantilla. Billy, planning to build a home for Ami, says, “This is what we always wanted but just couldn’t have up north.” Likewise, having everything back on track, Ami, who is healthy, strong, stated with a smile,

“The Lord tells us if a man’s quiver is full, he is highly blessed. And we’re very blessed.”

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