Dennis Day, one of the original Mouseketeers from the 1950s, has been missing for more than six months. Lt. Jeff Price from the Oregon Police Department said,

“I initiated the case on July 27 of 2018. As of today, with the help of the Oregon State Police, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, National Missing and Unidentified Person System, and numerous friends and family, the case remains open with no leads as to Dennis’s whereabouts.”

Dennis Day is Missing!

Dennis from his day of Mouseketeers

Though Day has been missing from Phoenix, Oregon since July 15, his family didn’t know until they saw missing persons report on TV in January. The report was filed in July by his husband, Ernie Caswell, who is struggling with “age-related memory loss.” Day’s sister, Nelda Adkins told NBC,

“Ernie was in the hospital at that time, and he realized Dennis hadn’t come to visit him in a few weeks. So, he had someone from the hospital call the police and report Dennis as missing.”

According to Nelda, the whole family is trying to find the 76-year-old. A person living in Day’s home said that Day had left on foot saying he was going to visit friends, the last time he was seen. Nelda added, 

“Ernie, at the time, was in the hospital, so he wasn’t even at the house. Dennis had a car, but the car was left behind. He left his dog and his cat behind, too — he loved them dearly, just like children.”

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The police later found Day’s Car on the Oregon coast with two unknown people, but that didn’t lead anywhere in the investigation. Day’s niece, Denise, told NBC, 

“He’s not the type of person who would just disappear. Especially with his significant other being in the hospital – he was very dedicated to him. We are worried. We just need answers. We love him. We’re just kind of lost with what to do, or how to find him.”

headshot of Dennis Day

A Facebook page, which is launched to help find the Disney star, describes him as “76 years old, 5’7″ white male with gray and brown hair, weighing approximately 150 lbs.” Day is known for appearing in the first and second seasons of Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club, which aired from four seasons 1955 to 1959. Later, he went on to participate in several artistic endeavors, including acting, directing, sculpting and also dabbling in the culinary arts.

Dennis W. Day was born on July 12, 1942, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to Fred A. Day, a superintendent at a golf course and Verda L. Day, an office manager. Before being a part of MMC, he appeared in several commercials and made his film debut with a role in A Lion Is In The Streets (1953).

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Dennis Day with his sister

After training with a pianist and developing dancing skills, he became Mousekeeter in the first year but was placed on the Red team only in the second year. From the 1960s to mid-1980s, he was the musical director and entertainer for California Renaissance Pleasure Faire and Dickens Christmas Faire. 

He came out as a bisexual in the 70s and moved to Oregon with Ernie in the 80s. They married in Ashland, Oregon during a religious/political event held by a clergy. He and Ernie own a line of wine jams and jellies, which produces items like Garlic and Onion Burgundy, Jalapeno Pepper Jelly and Banana Jam.

Anyone with information about Day is requested to call Lt. Jeff Price of the Phoenix Police Department at 541-535-1113, ext. 309, or the anonymous tip line at 1-888-960-6450.