After 22 years in the ABC News and hosting 14 years in 20/20, Elizabeth Vargas has left ABC. She announced the news of her departure from the network in December via a note to staff.

On Monday night, 20/20 senior executive producer David Sloan threw a farewell party for her. Later, a video which chronicled her tenure in the network was aired on Friday night by the network.

Left ABC after 22 years

On May 22, Elizabeth took to Twitter to share the big news of her leaving ABC with her followers . She shared about the farewell party and a video tribute to her work on the tweet, which reads, “At my wonderful going away party last night, my friends and colleagues played a video tribute to my 22 years of work at ABC. They will play it for our audience at the end of my final show Friday night. I hope you will tune in!”

Elizabeth's tweet regarding her farewell party

Her fans have flooded the comment section of her tweet showing curiosity about her upcoming event in her career. Her co-host of Good Morning America , David Muir also took to Twitter to say how much he’s going to miss her.

David Muir's tweet for his former co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas

After the historic 40th season of the 20/20, she is now stepping forward to pursue new ventures. Amy Robach from Good Morning America will replace her.

Everything to know about news anchor Elizabeth Vargas

Career in journalism from CBS affiliate in Chicago to ABC News

Vargas started her journalism career at a CBS affiliate in Chicago and then moved to NBC News in 1993. There, she served as a correspondent for Dateline and also occasionally filed in on Today.

Elizabeth Vargas reporting the news from the set of 20/20. The screen behind her displays a logo of 20/20.

She has rejoiced storied career at ABC since 1996. She first appeared in Good Morning America and in 1997 she started co-anchoring World News Tonight Saturday. In 2004, she was named co-anchor of 20/20 and further, she joined World News Tonight alongside David Muir on December 5, 2005. Throughout her more than two-decade-long tenure on ABC, she has broken several breaking news. 

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However, out of all, one of the biggest stories over the years is of her own. She broke the story of her struggle with anxiety and alcoholism in a candid interview on 20/20, and later in Good Morning America. She also took her story to share through her memoir, Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction, which was released in September 2016.

ABC News’ anchor Elizabeth Vargas’ struggle with anxiety and alcoholism

In a memo that Vargas wrote to the staff in December 2017, she stated,

I want you to hear some news about me, from me. I will be leaving ABC News, and 20/20 at the end of this historic 40th season. It has been a profound privilege to be the anchor of 20/20 for 14 years, and a true honor to work with each and every one of you.

Her next venture: A&E

After a terrific tenure of years in ABC, what’s next on her list? 

Well! Elizabeth is all set to pursue new ventures in her life. She has joined A&E network as a producer and a host of a series of investigative documentaries, A&E Investigates of new A&E franchise.

Hot Elizabeth Vargas in a strapless red dress smiling for the camera. She's holding a white piece of cloth in one hand.

The very first project of the A&E Investigates banner is 9-part series, Cults and Extreme Belief. Moving on, there is a two-hour special, The Plot Against America where the show attempts to answer the question whether or not America is safe?

So, are you ready to join Elizabeth in her new venture? Catch her on A&E from Monday at 8-11 pm.

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Elizabeth Vargas leaving ABC