Updated: 02/25/2017 06:48 PM | First Published: 07/27/2016 03:15 PM

Just because David Muir has no wife, can he be gay? Find out about his partner

Popular ABC News anchor David Muir looking dashing in blue shirt

David Muir’s relationship matters have often put him in controversy along with the various allegations claiming him to be gay. Still, he hasn’t opened up about his partner.

David Muir, high-flying career has always put him in the media limelight. The notable person in ABC News desk, Muir’s professional achievements and eye-catching personality have triggered the sight of the tabloids. So, it’s not a surprise that his personal life has been a public interest.

However for sure, his wrapped personal life and undisclosed relationship status have always kept him under the scrutiny of gossip media.

David Muir turned into an eminent figure after joining ABC News in 2003

Who is David Muir’s girlfriend? Is he married? We don’t have answers to these questions. But we will try to dig more just for the readers though there is no information.

It’s hard to believe that the hottest man on ABC News desk is still single. Being most familiar face in the media industry is the fact that pulled high public interest upon him either that is his personal or professional happenings.

15 years of making us smile in the morning. Great fun celebrating my friend @kellyripa this am.

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Rumored as gay, David Muir rumored to have dated Gio Benitez

Of course, it's a matter of surprise that Muir has never been encountered with a girl. Go through his social media pages, you can’t find his picture with any women showing like he shares a chemistry with that woman. This raised various questions like is he just workaholic or not interested in women?

While relationship had baffled many people, Kate Dries publishing a news titled "Reports Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir is a Monster" claiming Muir to be her boyfriend made the matter more suspicious. However, his response is yet to come. On the news, she published several pictures claiming that she had clicked. Here is one for you, in which she said "I took this picture".

Where is everyone. Clearly time for dinner. #merrychristmas #home

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David Muir has experienced Rhinoplasty surgery to fix imperfect nose

Read the whole article, the description may satisfy you though none of the news or rumors holds authentic evidence.

But Muir’s continued attempt of hiding personal information has now raised questions among his fans regarding his sexuality. As a result, more people are curious to find out if he is gay or straight.

Around a year ago, it was once reported that this handsome hunk was dating a news reporter named Gio Benitez.

Following the news, he frequently shared their pictures on social media sites. But since their liaison status wasn’t confirmed by any authenticated sources, we are still confused if the two were just friends or something was brewing.

The pictures of Muir with his alleged partner Benitez got him featured on Queerty too. Queerty is a popular news site related to gay and lesbian. Muir's silence despite the scandalous news in media has led numerous people to strongly believe that their beloved journalist is gay.

Although David Muir has been frequently mentioned by various sources to be gay, there are also some sources opposing the allegations. Such sources have mentioned that all those rumors alleging him to be gay are just attempts to destroy his heightened career. However, David hasn’t given any statements by himself on this matter yet.

Amidst the undeclared sexuality, David Muir is still believed to be single. Frequently been placed in the gossip floors surrounded by the various scandalized news claiming him to be gay, the subject has left the fans baffled yet.