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Elizabeth Vargas’s unwavering loyalty towards her married life. Meet her husband and children

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Elizabeth Vargas has an unwavering loyalty towards her former husband and children. She was married to Marc Cohn and they parent four children. Her struggle with alcoholism created a strain on her married life.

Elizabeth Vargas was married to multiple awards winning musician Marc Cohn

Her ex-husband, Marc Cohn is a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter. Initially, he worked as a backup singer.

It was in 1991, he got a chance to sign a contract with Atlantic Records. The song Walking In Memphis from his debut album, Marc Cohn, was a massive hit being nominated as Song Of The Year.

He was not just nominated for his debut album in various categories like Best New Artist, Song Of The Year at The Grammys, Pop Male Vocalist, Favorite New Artist at The American Music Awards but he also won many of those awards.

The two met on 1999 at the US Open. They were introduced by Andre Agassi. They dated for three years before tying the knot in 2002. Their marriage lasted for 12 years.

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The couple has two children, Zachary Raphael Cohn and Samuel Wyatt Cohn. Zachary was born on January 31, 2003, and Samuel on August 16, 2006. Before Elizabeth, Cohn was previously married and has two children from that marriage - Max and Emily.

12 years long marriage of Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn ended in a divorce

Elizabeth’s struggle with alcoholism was not hidden from public and media. She went to rehab for alcohol abuse treatment. But during this interval when she was in rehab, Marc started process for divorce.

Many issues were raised stating the reasons for their separation. The most popular one was Elizabeth’s alcoholism problem.

Other rumors point out that Marc Cohn was cheating on Vargas. The woman involved was Ruth Zukerman who is a mutual friend of the couple.

Marc was spotted having dinner with her right after Vargas returned from rehab. Though he denied the rumors of an extra-marital affair, Cohn did state that there were long-standing issues within the marriage.

After 12 years of marriage, in August 2014, it was announced that the couple was undergoing divorce. And, finally, they divorced in 2016.

After returning from the rehab, Vargas has told in her interviews that Cohn was always supportive regarding her alcoholism treatment. He always encouraged her to go to rehab.

Even after separation, Elizabeth talks in favor of her ex-husband. Both are equally contributing in raising their children. Though their married life has ended, Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn are still in good terms.