‘Edge of Alaska,’ was one of the hit Discovery shows, which chronicled the day-to-day activities of people of McCarthy, Alaska. The show documented the lives of forty residents, including homesteaders Jeremy Keller and his wife Alison, Neil Darish, Jenny Rosenbaum and more.

The show completed its fourth and final season in November 2017. Since then, fans are wondering what actually happened to the homesteaders. Here are the details of what the McCarthy residents are up to now

What Happened to Jason Lobo?

Lobo, a bush pilot, flies small planes in and out of McCarthy. He moved to Alaska a few years ago to seek isolation.

Alaskan Bush Pilot Jason Lobo with his dog in his cabin

In October 2017, his cabin burned while he was sleeping and ran through the flames to escape. He suffered severe burns and lost his dog, Achilles along with years of possessions. His friend, Johnny McGrath, set up a GoFundMe page seeking help rebuild his cabin. He has now recovered from the injuries.

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Where is Jenny Rosenbaum in 2019?

One of the main cast members of the show, Jenny currently lives in the rugged wilderness of McCarthy with her boyfriend Caleb, with whom she shares a son, Jasper.

Jenny Rosenbaum and son, Jasper on his first birthday

On one of her Facebook post, she revealed that she owns a 1/4 acre garden with 21,000 square ft greenhouse. She is currently working as a health advocate and has been updating fans about various campaigns on Facebook.

What is Neil Darish Doing Now?

Neil Darish is the “unofficial” Mayor of McCarthy and a local entrepreneur who hopes to bring the isolated town in tandem with the rest of the world. He runs a hotel, McCarthy Lodge and the Ma Johnson’s Hotel, which has a homely environment and fresh food. The lodge offers local tours guides.

Neil Darish in road in McCarthy, Alaska

He claimed that the show was scripted and portrayed him negatively. He was accused of destroying the homesteaders’ ambiance and seclusion by promoting tourism. After the show ended, it was said that he was selling off his entire properties in the town for $3.7 million.

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Iditarod Champion Jeremy Keller and His Family

Jeremy, an Iowa native, moved to Alaska to chase adventure when he was in college and has been living there ever since with his wife, Alison, whom he met in McCarthy.

Jeremy Keller posing with his wife Alison and Sons, Bjorn and Liam

The 47 years old dog musher ran Iditarod for the first time in 2007. Now, he is back on the trail and just finished 54th in a time of 15 days, 15 hours and 55 minutes in 2019 Iditarod.

His elder son, Bjorn is running the Junior Iditarod and younger son, Liam is also likely carrying the passion. Today the family of four live in Knik, Alaska, where Jeremy is building a sled dog team with his sons. Alison is studying energy medicine and spends a lot of her practice time.

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What Happened to Tim Mischel?

Tim Mischel from Edge of Alaska in McCarthy, Alaska

In October 2015, Tim Mischel suffered a heart attack and refused to undergo surgery. People thought that he would not live much longer, but he survived the heart attack.

Tim, who lived in McCarthy for more than 40 years, was nicknamed “Old Man of the Mountain” by other residents. Town people often consulted him on important decisions. After a year of recovery, he was thrilled to return to his town.

What is Mark Wacht doing Now?

Mark Wacht from Edge of Alaska posing for a picture with an ape

Mark’s love of the wilderness brought him to McCarthy many years ago. He bought land and built a log cabin, and later began to build a small cabin rental business.

Mark Wacht and his wife Livvi Lantry-Wacht posing for pictures in snow

He married to Livvi Lantry on September 2, 2018. They met in 2013 when Livvi went to McCarthy to work as a zip line guide. The couple owns Blackburn Cabins in McCarthy, Alaska, located on the wagon road between McCarthy and Kennicott quietly nestled into the forest.

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Where is Gary Green in 2019?

Gary Green smiling while posing in front of a plane in Alaska

Gary Green, one of the longest standing residents of McCarthy is a pilot, gold miner and hunter. He worked at McCarthy Air. He has lived through some of darkest days in McCarthy and knows what it means to be a neighbor and friend. He was married to Nancy Green from 1984 to 1998. He runs a YouTube Channel, Alaska’s Flying Cowboy.

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