Barry Weiss has reportedly been hospitalized after a motorcycle crash. The Collector from A&E TV’s Storage Wars was hit by a car in a parking space on Wednesday afternoon in the Los Feliz Area in Los Angeles, where he and his friend named Jamie were each riding motorcycle.

Barry is in serious condition in ICU

The motorcycle wreck landed him at ICU in the hospital with broken bones and other internal injuries according to TMZ.
Barry Weiss has his one hand on the wheel
A car pulled out from the parking space without seeing Barry and his friend, and his friend slammed into the back of the car. Then, both of them went down. He was rushed to an LA hospital and placed in ICU but is stable at present. 

His friend posted a video from the crash scene taken moments after the accident. In another post showing him in the hospital bed, he said that he got lucky with a broken knee, elbow and wrist. However, he stated that Barry is in serious condition with the chest and leg trauma and requested for prayers through a hard time.
Barry Weiss' friend Jamie showing thumbs up while lying in the hospital bed

Barry appeared in first four seasons of Storage Wars and earned the nickname “The Collector” for his eccentric passion for collecting antiques. He often rode classic cars and has an extensive collection. also starred in his own spin-off, Barry’d Treasure.

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