Carla Hall and her husband Matthew Lyons have settled down happily in Washington, D.C., with their son. The happily married couple’s love story resembles a romantic fairy tale.

Carla is best known as one of the co-hosts of ABC talk show The Chew and two times finalist of Bravo TV’s cooking reality show Top Chef. Most of the fans of this culinary artist are familiar with her professional life. Now, let’s explore this amazing lady’s personal life.

Carla and her husband, Matthew Lyons, met through an online dating service

Carla Hall, who had never been on a date, met a lawyer and photographer Matthew Lyons through an online dating service called Matthew was the first guy whom she went out with.

Carla Hall and husband Matthew Lyons enjoying at Harvest East End. First met through an online dating service, they are really made for each other.

Lucky Carla! She hit the jackpot on her 1st try at finding love. While many people thought internet dating was complicated, perhaps, she also hadn’t thought that Matthew would be her life-long partner.

Hall walked several runways – Career before ‘Top Chef’ and ‘The Chew.’

She tied the knot with her photographer boyfriend in a private ceremony where only close friends and family attended. Reportedly, the passionate chef-prepared food for all the guests herself. Some sources claim that she married when she turned 42-years-old. So, if the report is believed, the ceremony was held sometime during 2006.

About Carla Hall’s husband, Matthew Lyons!

Though the chef has candidly spoken about her love life, she seems somehow secretive. She hasn’t revealed exactly when they began dating and exchanged the vows.

Happily married, Carla and Matthew share a son

Carla Hall says that Matthew is the only man who truly understands her and appreciates her infectious personality.

In 2016, while explaining what her blissful married life taught her in ten years in ABC News’ ‘Celeb 101’, she candidly revealed her experience.

The best thing about being married is going to the bathroom with the door open. I say that because…everybody has to do it. There’s no pretense.

Carla Hall

Carla Hall

“You’re being your true’s like you can’t hide from being your human self. I think when you’re in a really honest and open and beautiful marriage, it’s like, ‘This is who I am and I know you love me for who I am'”, she said.

Chef Carla Hall posing with hubby Mathew Lyons and stepson Noah

Carla has no child of her own but is a proud mother to a son Noah, born from Matthew’s previous relationship. Perhaps, they didn’t prefer bearing kids thinking that their family was already complete with one son.

The lovely couple has shared strong chemistry and mutual understanding over the years. Considering their love and respect for each other, divorce seems nowhere near in the picture. The happy family of three resides in Washington, D.C. 

Carla Hall’s successful career as a model and cook has earned her a huge net worth