Ex lovebirds, Anthony Jeselnik & Amy Schumer are still friends

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Anthony Jeselnik has seized the attention of millions throughout the world telling jokes that contain a dark sense of humor. While performing, the huge crowd cheer him, but on his personal, he is single, a 38-years-old bachelor. While turning pages of his dating history, stand-up comedian, Amy Schumer’s name has been found.

Quick Facts About Anthony Jeselnik

Name Anthony Jeselnik
Birth Name Anthony Jeselnik
Profession Comedian
Gender Male
Birthday December 22, 1978
Age 38 Years Old
Star Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Hair Color Blonde
Eyes Color Blue
Marital Status Single
Place of Birth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Net Worth (USD) $ 1,000,000 - One Million US Dollars
Girlfriend Amy Schumer (2009-11)
Best Known For The Jeselnik Offensive
High School Upper St. Clair High School
University Tulane University
Working For Comedy Central

The two romanced for about a couple of year from 2009 to 2011. Performing together on celebrity roasts and comedy clubs brought them so close for a while. However, the lovebirds parted their ways when Schumer became rom-com girl of Hollywood. 

After breaking up Jeselnik said in an interview, “There was good and bad like in any other relationship. If it was great, we would still be together. But we figured it out. We are friends now, It’s good. She has got the romantic comedy market cornered. I am happy for her.” Later Amy also stated that they didn’t have a ‘bad breakup’ and also said what led her to call it quit with Jeselnik was ‘he was not attentive enough’. 

As they had ended the relationship in a friendly term, they toured alongside one another for the 2015 Oddball Festival. The touring comedy festival was scheduled to be headlined by Schumer and to hit 18 cities with 20 other comics also including Jeselnik. 

Though their love strings were cut off years ago, they don’t have hatred to one another as the decision emerged from the mutual agreement. Anthony, who had even made the most serious matter ‘cancer’ as a subject of his stand-up special The Jeselnik Offensive first episode, had reacted jokingly about his relationship with his ex. 

When asked about what he did for Amy’s career success on Larry King’s show he hilariously said, “Well, you know everything I touch turns to gold, so I think she is gonna have a great career. She should be thankful for what I have done for her.” Since 2011, he hasn’t introduced any women into his life. He has been busy gathering audiences and collecting net worth accordingly.

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