Harvey Weinstein and the infamous producer’s accusations started a snowball effect in Hollywood. What began as a series of reports from The New York Times quickly turned into a massive international campaign exposing sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace.

One of the biggest stories from the aftermath of The Weinstein Effect came in the form of allegations from Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp, 47. In an interview with Buzzfeed in October 2017, Rapp claimed that veteran actor Kevin Spacey made sexual advances toward him when he was 14 years old.

Kevin Spacey allegedly made sexual advances to a 14-year-old Anthony Rapp

Kevin Spacey was 26 years old at the time of the incident. According to Anthony Rapp, during a party at Spacey’s apartment, an inebriated Spacey carried him to his bed and tried to force himself on him. By November, 15 separate alleged victims had allegations against Spacey. Most of these were men.

Anthony Rapp at the premiere of Star Trek

The consequences of this were naturally severe. What’s more, Netflix’s House Of Cards axed the 59 years old actor. Netflix also canceled Spacey’s upcoming film Gore which was based on the life of writer Gore Vidal.

Anthony Rapp says Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance toward him when he was 14

All the Money in the World also removed Kevin, a film already shot. Following the explosive nature of the allegations against him, Spacey disappeared from the media. His representative claimed that he was seeking therapy and professional help.

Releasing an apology statement

On October 30th, 2017, Spacey released an official statement on his social media platforms regarding Rapp’s allegations. In the report, Spacey expressed his admiration of Rapp as an actor. He claimed that he was horrified to hear the story and had no recollection of the events. Moreover, it happened over 30 years ago, says the actor.

Screen Shot of Kevin Spacey's apology statement

Spacey also claimed that if he had indeed acted the way he did, he owed Rapp his sincere apology for inappropriate drunken behavior. The American Beauty actor used this statement to come out as gay and said he would examine his conduct.

The statement did little to calm the outrage that would follow as thousands and thousands of people bombed his social media accounts, rebuking him for coming out as gay as a way to distract from the real issue. After the statement, Spacey went on a total media blackout, avoiding interviews, announcements and even day-to-day life.

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By January 2018, police in London were investigating three separate allegations of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey. In April 2018, sexual assault accusations against him dating back to 1992 came to light. The incident supposedly took place in West Hollywood.

Kevin Spacey specking with a reporter

In September 2018, an accusation of sexual assault was not processed by The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office because the incident was outside California’s statute of limitations.

On December 24, he became charged with sexually assaulting a teenager at a bar in Massachusetts. The incident took place in 2016.

Billionaire Boys Club

Cover of Billionaire Boys Club

In 2015, Spacey had acted in Billionaire Boys Club, a film based on the real-life story of a group of wealthy teenagers from Southern California that got involved in a Ponzi scheme. The film was released on July 19,  2018, by which point Spacey’s reputation had already taken a nosedive.

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It opened with an embarrassing $618 in the domestic weekend box office. The spectacular box office bomb was the lowest-earning film in Spacey’s career. The film had a budget of $15 million and made just $2.2 million at the global box office. Reviewers called the film a boring, underwhelming product. Regardless, some credited Spacey’s acting like the only thing that stood out.

Let me be Frank

More than a few eyebrows rose when Spacey released an extremely bizarre clip on his social media. After disappearing from the public eye for over a year, he published an eerie video where he seemingly denied the allegations against him. Spacey appeared to be in his House Of Cards persona, Frank Underwood. 

The video, titled Let me be Frank is 3 minutes long, and Spacey claims that since he did not pay for the crimes he did do, Kevin wasn’t going to pay for the things he didn’t do. The video has garnered 10 million views on YouTube.

Kevin Spacey’s Court Appearance

Kevin Spacey made his first public appearance on January 7th, 2019, at a court to face indecent assault and battery charges. He initially requested that he’d be allowed not to attend the ruling. That plea was denied, and Spacey showed up in court. He was silent during his court appearance. The judge ordered him to stay away from the victim and his family. The court will make a proper ruling on March 4th.

However, it is not a ruling for which he will have to show up. If he is found guilty, Spacey could face up to five years in prison. After his brief public appearance, Spacey has once again remained radio silent. He is not involved in any projects, and it is unlikely he will anytime soon. At any rate, it is safe to assume that the next we will hear from Spacey will be on March 4th. With a long history of alleged sexual misconduct, Spacey’s professional career has come to a screeching halt and will likely remain so.

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The actor won two Academy Awards and won nominations multiple times. Caught up in an era of #metoo and #timesup movement, Spacey and other individuals who have had allegations surface against them will face justice eventually.