Barry Weiss is no stranger to fans of A&E’s hit reality TV show Storage Wars. Barry became a fan favorite in no time with his unique taste for antiques and knowledge that extended from vintage to war relics and everything in between.

How Rich is Barry Weiss?

The 67-year-old appeared on Storage Wars from season one to four as one of the main buyers and reportedly earned over $10,000 per episode. On June 25, 2013, A&E announced that Barry would not return for the show’s fifth season.

Barry Weiss has his one hand on the wheel

“I had a blast, it was fun, but I had enough and I kind of wanted to leave while it was still popular,” Barry said in an interview after leaving the show.

Storage Wars Barry Weiss Car Collection 2018

After Storage Wars, he appeared in his spin-off series; Barry’d Treasure, which ran for only one season in 2014. Afterward, he appeared in another spin-off series, Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back, with Kenny Crossley and shared behind-the-scenes moments of Storage Wars. But after that, he completely disappeared from the limelight, raising questions about his whereabouts.

Barry’s disappearance had also triggered his death rumors in the past. In 2017, in an interview with TMZ, he said that he has got back to his old job as a “professional slacker.He also revealed that he would like to host a different type of reality that involves an automobile.

“I’d like to do like a motorsport show really, I’m really knowledgeable in all types. I’d really like to do that and travel the world, cause that’s what I like.

Barry is living his best life with a huge net worth of $10 million and an extensive collection of classic and vintage cars in his house in Los Angeles.

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