Carolyn Clifford, an award-winning anchor for WXYZ, has been away from her anchoring desk for more than a month. She recently made her comeback on TV after recovering from health issues. So-what actually happened to her? We shall find out! 

What happened to Carolyn Clifford?

Carolyn Clifford was MIA for more than a month, but she kept her viewers and followers informed of her whereabouts. To notify, she was on her medical leave because of her surgery.

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Clifford is a mother of three and always knew that she had fibroids. But what she didn’t know is that she had a tumor growing inside of her. 

She first noticed her swollen belly after she saw herself on TV. But she opted to ignore just thinking that as result of her middle-age spread, and her being the mother of three children. However, she called Dr. Shukri David, after she faced several problems regarding her stomach and bladder. She was called by the doctor immediately.

Further, an ultrasound revealed that Clifford had a fibroid tumor about the size of a football and several smaller ones which were on the verge to destroy her kidneys, so that had to be removed immediately.

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The 48-year-old announced on March 16, that she had fibroid tumors inside her and explained how many middle-aged women had them. Clifford also took it to Facebook on March 17, to tell her fans and viewers about her condition. On a post, she stated that she is not leaving WXYZ or retiring, rather, she is only going to be away for a while because of her health situation. 

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How is her health condition?

Dr. Nishan Chobanian performed her surgery at the Providence Park Hospital on March 19. She stayed home to recover from the surgery, and as per her recent tests, everything is normal. 

Carolyn Clifford shares on Facebook after she gets back to work after surgery recovery

Clifford came back to work on April 23, 2018, and her colleagues surprised her on the first day back at work. Without a doubt, her fans are thrilled to see the charming anchor back in action.

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