Smallville star Allison Mack is on the news consistently this week as she was indicted for sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy charges. She got arrested in Brooklyn by the FBI on April 19, 2018. She is accused of being the top member of a sex cult that preyed on vulnerable young women for the benefit of the leader or the so-called self-help guru, Keith Raniere.

What happened to Allison Mack?

Mack was released on $5 million bail on Tuesday under the custody of her parents, Jonathan and Melinda Mack. She is commanded to stay under house arrest and will continuously be monitored electronically. She is not allowed to contact or associate with any of the present or former Nxivm members. Her parents apparently put up their house as collateral to cover their daughter’s bail.

Allison Mack is getting surrounded by reporters

Mack is accused of recruiting women to DOS, which is a subunit of Nxivm that presented itself as a women’s self-help group. According to the prosecutors, after recruiting women to join the organization, Mack used tactics to force them to engage in sexual activity with Raniere against their wish. The prosecutors also claims that the sex slaves of Nxivm were forced to starve and were seriously sleep-deprived to the point that they stopped menstruating. They were ordered to remain monogamous and to go on very restricted diets just to make sure Raniere gets skinny women.

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The so-called sex slaves were branded on their pelvic areas with Raniere’s initials. The women were held down naked and filmed while being branded with a cauterizing pen. According to the court documents, during the branding ceremony, Mack placed her hands on their chests and told them to ‘feel the pain’ and to ‘think of master,’ while the women wailed in pain.

Smallville Season 1 promo picture: Allison Mack played the role as Chloe Sullivan

The leader of the group, Keith Raniere, is also taken in custody in Oklahoma prison without bail. It has been stated that the 57- year old had a ‘rotating group of 15-20 women with whom he had sexual relationships’. The women were not allowed to talk about DOS or leave DOS because of the compromising information that DOS had about them.

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What led Allison to this world?

Mack’s character Chloe in Smallville was immensely popular at the time, so she obviously had a good career ahead of her. Then, how did she get into all this atrocity?

Well! It is speculated that she got into this when she was filming for ‘Smallville’ in Vancouver. Mack’s now-deleted personal website states that ‘over the course of several years, Mr. Raniere mentored Allison in her study of acting and music”.

Actress Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan in Smallville. Her character was the most admired one in the series.

Even when she starred in Smallville, she was vocal about women empowerment. So, it did not seem likely at all that Allison would be involved in the exploitation of women. It has been revealed that Mack might have tried to recruit many top celebrities into Nxium such as actress Emma Watson, singer Kelly Clarkson and several feminist writers as well.

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