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What happened to Forged In Fire's judge Doug Marcaida?

Doug Marcaida looking sideways wearing a black jacket.

Doug Marcaida is one of the judges in the History’s competition series, Forged in Fire. He has been able to win the hearts of many with his way of handling weapons fearlessly and his martial arts skills. However, more recently his fans are more concerned for his health as many noticed him with a sling on his arm. What must have happened to the edge impact weapons specialist? We shall dig the facts!

The Judge of Forged in Fire, Doug Marcaida got injured!

Marcaida has been the face of Forged in Fire for his commendable way of handling sharp-edged weapons. He has made his way to the hearts of many because of his skills. But, more recently, he met an accident, in which he hurt his right arm. 

According to a Facebook post uploaded on October 18, Doug had gone through a surgery lately. He mentioned that while doing a test four months ago, he had a small injury which later prohibited him from doing certain tasks. 

Doug Marcaida smiling for the camera wearing a smile on his face and a sling on his right arm

In the small period of time, the highly skilled martial artist has now found a way to learn about his whole being through his transformation. He gives his followers insight about how his physical change is getting him to know about himself even more. 

Well! It’s kind of impressive how the middle-aged TV personality has shown positivity in the hard times too. Applause!

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Doug Marcaida’s personal life is still behind the veil!

Marcaida is hush-hush when it comes to his private life. We have to say that he has been keeping personal life secret in a pretty impressive way. 

Doug Marcaida having a look at the sharp-edged knife. He is an expert in the edged-weapons combat

Doug Marcaida is of Filipino ethnicity. He is best known as the judge of the unique show, Forged in Fire which is successfully running its fourth season. From the show, Doug has been able to enhance his weapon smithing skills which have been showcased in the movies and series like, Bourne, Blade and 300.

Apart from that, he is also known as founder and expert of Marcaida Kali ( an interpretation of different martial arts forms).

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Doug Marcaida is one of the judges in History Channel's competition series Forged In Fire.

He has won over millions of hearts with his marital arts and the way of handling weapons fearlessly.

But, more recently his fans are more concerned about his health as many noticed him with a sling on his arm.

In this season, viewers have noticed other people performing the tasks he would normally do.

In Episode 22, his younger brother, R.J. performed the test in his place.

In a Facebook post on October 18, Doug revealed that he underwent a surgery lately.

He mentioned that he suffered an injury while doing a test 4 months ago which later impeded him from doing certain tasks.

It's kind of impressive that he seems to have overcome his hard time with positivity.

Marcaida is an edged weapon combat specialist who also designs some of the world's deadliest blades.

From hand-to-hand to battlefield strategy, he is a walking encyclopedia in the development of weapons of war.

His blades smithing skills have been showcased in the movies and series like Bourne, Blade and 300.

Additionally, he is also known as the founder and expert of Marcaida Kali, an interpretation of different martial arts forms.

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