Griff Jenkins, a radio personality, and Fox News Channel producer, was seen wearing a sling on Sunday episode of Fox & Friends. That somehow left his fans and his co-hosts wondering what had happened to him overnight.

What happened to him?

Griff Jenkins co-hosts the weekend segment of Fox & Friends from time to time. The conservative television and radio personality was fine and also diving on a pool to play catch on Saturday’s episode.

Griff Jenkins in the set of Fox 7 Friends with his  co-hosts, Pete Hegseth and Abby Hunstman

However, on the next day’s episode, he was wearing a sling on his shoulder which was not stealthy at all. Despite the fact that he was dressed in formal, the sling on his shoulder could not be unseen.

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How did Jenkins hurt his shoulder?

If you guys watched Saturday’s episode of ‘Fox & Friends’, you would know that the cast and crew of the show went to The Plaza for some fun and games. Playing catch like the dogs was obviously a good idea, so Jenkins, competing against Pete, dived into the pool – in his suit – to catch the toy.

Griff Jenkins jumping high to catch the toy while diving in the pool

Not only did the 47-year-old fail to catch the object, but he ended up dislocating his shoulder. It’s a wonder how he was able to raise his arms up after dislocating his shoulder!

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Update on Jenkins’ shoulder

After the show, Jenkins went to the NYU Langone Health to get himself treated. He posted a video on Instagram updating his fans about the incident.

Jenkins, in his Instagram post, thanked Dr. Marc Siegel and Dr. Matt Gotlin for taking care of him. He also showed the X-ray of his shoulder when Dr. Gotlin explained that Jenkins had a complete shoulder dislocation. But, thanks to the doctors, he is fine now.

Despite such an injury, Jenkins still showed up the next day to shoot for Fox & Friends. His dedication to his work was noted well. For that, many of his fans appreciated the fact that he still came to work even after experiencing such a painful injury. Some fans sympathized him while the others wished him a speedy recovery.

On Sunday’s episode of Fox & Friends, they also showed a picture where Jenkin’s co-host Pete Hegseth was cutting pizza for him.

He has supposedly become a huge inspiration to everybody for handling the situation so well, and without a doubt, his fans hope to see him more on Fox & Friends. Get well soon Griff!

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