Deadliest Catch’s fans are quite familiar with the present scenario of Captain Keith Colburn missing from the show. Fans who were already dishearten to encounter the demise of Blake Painter in late May, the news might come as a shocker.

After Captain Keith decided not to go for the bairdi crab fishing for this season, fans are concerned about his whereabouts. They are eager to know the reason behind Captain Keith’s absence in the show. So, what actually happened to Captain Keith Colburn? 

What happened to Captain Keith?

On the recent episode of Deadliest Catch, Captain Keith shared about the disease which he has been fighting. He shared that he is suffering from osteomyelitis. In general term, it is an infection in a bone which most commonly affected the long bones of the legs, upper arms or spines. 

Keith Colburn is wearing a cap and green-colored jacket

Osteomyelitis infected the spine area of Captain Keith, which has been a total hindrance for him in performing the tasks on the fishing expedition. Talking about the pain which his ailment has caused, he said that it feels like somebody has poured battery acid on them. He mentioned that his back is all “f****d up.”

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Who’s taking the lead in Captain Keith’s absence?

To combat the infection, Captain Keith vaccinates himself with antibiotics intravenously every day. As he cannot take the captaincy in such agonizing condition, he handed over the task and his captaincy to his brother, Monte Colburn.

Captain Keith Colburn with his brother, Monte Colburn

With a big name comes huge responsibilities and Captain Monte Colburn has to take that now. It’s all up to Monte to bring in 155,000 pounds of bairdi crab within a week. Regarding his brother’s health, Monte said,

You know, my brother’s health, critical as it is, it’s not something I’m really in the position to even think about, because these guys are counting on me to go out and fill those tanks with crab, and it ain’t going to be easy.

Well! It is indeed a big responsibilities for Monte and his crew members are looking up to him. In this scenario, Monte can prove himself and shine out bright, and if things didn’t go as plan, a lot of things can be messed up.

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As of now, Captain Keith will be taking care of his health, and he will not be seen for the upcoming episodes of this season of Deadliest Catch. That has shed out disappointment among his fans, but surely they understand that health comes first

Captain Keith Colburn catching a crab on his hands with a smile on his face

Undoubtedly, Captain Keith will be taking down the osteomyelitis and will be back on the show retaking the helm for the upcoming season. Fingers crossed!


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