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Where is the Deadliest Catch cast Jake Harris in 2018?

Jake Harris was one of the most admired cast member of the reality series, Deadliest Catch. After leaving the show in 2012, Jake has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. What happened to Jake Harris? Where is he now after leaving the Deadliest Catch?

What Happened to Jake Harris from Deadliest Catch?

Jake Harris was involved in a controversy in November 2016, after he was severely beaten and robbed in Everett, Washington. On the day of the attack, Jake was at Quil Ceda Creek Casino in Marysville where he met a couple. Later, the couple insisted to drive Jake home, but instead they drove him to Everett. After making the stop, Jake was brutally attacked from behind until he was left unconscious.

Jake Harris is lying in the hospital bed with a smile on his face. His brother, Josh Harris is on his right side. The picture was taken while Jake was recovering after he was severely beaten and robbed and admitted to ICU.

Eventually, Jake woke to his consciousness on the side of the highway with $2400 cash missing from his wallet. Jake was rushed to the hospital and admitted to Intensive Care Unit. His brother, Josh Harris, reported that Jake had suffered a serious brain trauma and crack on his skull. After few months, Josh took on Facebook to update a post stating that Jake was recovering really well from the injury.

Shortly after recovering from the incident, Jake and his female friend, who were on a vacation, had a dispute on some matter. In the rage of the dispute, Jake took away his friend’s car without permission and split from the hotel. She reported about the theft of her vehicle to the Phoenix PD in April 2017. The car was found the following day at Circus K and upon the search of the vehicle, the officers got hold of Xanax pills and crystal meth. Jake admitted the drugs were for his personal use. He was stamped with felony of drug possession and theft.

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Apparently, a month later, Jake received an arrest warrant after failing to appear in the court on the scheduled date. Jake was due to appear on court to answer the allegations and face the charges of drug possession but he did not show up. Jake was declared wanted in the Phoenix state for violating the court order.

Where is Jake Harris in 2018?

After spending few years of his life in a roller coaster, Jake Harris has lately been away from the controversies. Since the court incident, Jake has been escaping the media limelight. Currently, Jake is spending most of his time with his family and trying to get over his personal issues.

Jake Harris is sitting in a chair inside a room. He is looking straight at the camera. He is wearing a grey hoodie and a cap.

While his brother, Josh Harris, is set to return in the 14th season of the Deadliest Catch, many of his fans are speculating Jake to return back to the show as well. However, there has not been any official update of Jake returning to the Deadliest Catch, as of now.

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Jake Harris’ departure from the 'Deadliest Catch’ has resulted in a flooding of unpleasant incidents in his life.

Looking at the damages that the past incidents have brought to Jake’s reputation & health, we assume his drug addiction is to be put at fault.

While he was associated with the TV series, Deadliest Catch, along with brother Josh Harris, he was one of TV’s most desired cast.

Jake made headlines in late 2016, due to an attack that had him admitted to the Intensive Care Unit with critical health damages

The robbers beat him until he blacked out and on waking up he found himself lying on a highway with $2,400 missing from his wallet.

Shortly after healing from the unfortunate accident, Jake was accused of stealing a car of his then-girlfriend. 

Jake was off on vacation with her, and after a disagreement, he headed out from their hotel in her car. She reported to the police about her missing vehicle

The car was found but along with it came Jake’s drug abuse in light; he admitted to using the Xanax pills and crystal meth.

He was then stamped with theft & drug possession felony. But he failed to appear on the date that the court had adjourned. 

Following his court order violation, Jake was declared wanted around the Phoenix state in early 2017.

Jake has remained off from the controversies as of now. He is away from the media limelight spending time with his family at present.

Name Jake Harris
Profession Reality Star
Gender Male
Birthday October 23, 1985
Age 32 Years Old
Star Sign Scorpio
Best Known For Deadliest Catch
Net Worth (USD) $ 100,000 - One Hundred Thousand US Dollars