Now, it seems like the Hillstrands have hung up their boots. After nearly four decades of fishing, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand took retirement from high seas in Deadliest Catch season 13 final episode entitled Johnathan Hillstrand Legacy.

So Long Hillstrands!


At the time, it was announced that the Hillstrands and F/V Time Bandit will be absent from season 14.  Fans desperately missed them on season 14 and were hoping their return for season 15, which is set to premiere on April 9. But, recent news has ruled out their hopes.

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F/V Time Bandit is on sale. The legendary boat featured in Deadliest Catch since season 2 has hit the market for a whopping $2,888,888 million. The 113-foot boat, built in 1991 and co-captained by Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, was designed by their father. Johnathan took the helm during the King crab season and Andy during the Opilio crab season, while their youngest brother Neal served as an engineer.

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Most of the Time Bandit crew were made up of the Hillstrand family. Neal’s sons, Axel and Phillip worked as deckhands. The vessel, which boasts approx. 20,000-gallon fuel capacity, can hold 175,000 pounds of crab and 365, 000 pounds of salmon in its refurbished fish holds. The boat’s interior has some of the unheard comforts, including a four-man sauna, staterooms with queen-size beds and a dishwasher. 

F/V Time Bandit

In October 2019, Neal filed for divorce from Sugayle Marie Hillstrand agreeing to fork over $10,000 to her if the Hillstrands ever sell the boat. As part of the divorce, Neal paid his ex $15,000 in November and has to shell out $1,500 per month for 6 months.

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Though Johnathan retired in season 13, he showed up at the helm while leaving from Dutch Harbor to fish for King crab in October 2017.Johnathan’s close friend, Sheryl, who manages his social media, notified fans through his official Facebook page that he was back to crab fishing. In April 2018, he expressed his desire to be back on the show and appealing fans to let the network know if they want him back on the fleet.

The reason for his departure seemed to be like his contract issues with Discovery, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Now, Captain Johnathan is busy touring throughout the US and participating in fishing and hunting seminars. What do you think of F/V Time Bandit’s sale and the Hillstrands’ retirement from the Bering Sea?

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