Prayers up for Darrell Sheets! The reality star from A&E’s Storage Wars is in hospital after suffering from heart attack.

What Happened to Darrell Sheets?

He has been suffering from ill health for three months and had a mild heart attack a few days ago. He has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and some problems in his lungs. On Tuesday, he posted his photo from hospital bed alongside his fiancée Romney Snyder and informed fans about his health through a long caption.

He has stated that he is undergoing surgery and appreciates his well-wishers through this hard time. His fiancée has been by his side and he has been showered with love and well wishes from fans.

With 32 years of experience in the auction business, he has been a main cast member of Storage Wars. He has been nicknamed “The Gambler” in the show. His son, Brandon Sheets also appeared with him the show until he was fired in 2016 due to lack of budget. Now, he works as a real estate agent in Arizona.

Get Well Soon, Darrell!

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