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5 Reasons to love stand-up comedian Amy Schumer

Contagious jokes which make stomach muscle contract out of pain in laughter that defines Amy Schumer. Since starting off a career in 2004, she has been able to make people laugh from the different corner of the world.

Undoubtedly, allude, and hatred comes hand in hand with fame. Accompanied by the mass hitting Amy with negative comments and a hell lot of criticism, she has not stopped being herself. It just does not matter, who hates her, when she is surrounded by people who adore her. 

Haters might have enough excuses not to acknowledge her work, but gear yourself people as we are here with five amazing reasons, which might be enough for viewers to love her. 


Amy Schumer is keeping her hands on her jaw

Okay, Amy is someone who is not afraid to keep her opinion in front of people, and if that offends someone, then that’s none of her business. In her show, Inside Amy Schumer, she talked about the inside details of her dating life. Instead, she uses that energy in making a good comedy, and this doesn't mean she is rude. Nope, she's going to kill you with her kindness.

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Comfortable on her skin

Amy Schumer is wearing a brown dress

In the world full of people not being satisfied by their body, Amy here is an exception who is confident on her skin and doesn't hesitate to flaunt her body to the world. Her recent movie, I Feel Pretty also revolves around the story where an insecure girl who has complexity on her physique and that goes the otherwise, feeling herself pretty after she wakes up after a fall.

Not to mention, it's never about the appearance, but about the confidence, which Amy has carried off very well.

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Soft at heart

Amy Schumer is wearing a black hoodie

Hitting people with punchy words, maybe everyone imagines her to be as cryptic as she is in the show. But, it's quite the opposite, she has a soft heart. During the shooting at a Louisiana movie theater during the screening of her movie Trainwreck. She spoke about the tragic incident in events and even felt responsible for helping those people who lost their loved ones.

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Magnificent comic writer

Amy Schumer is wearing a blue dress

Might be wondering that some professional funny people write her script. But that's not true; she writes on her own. She's not only a good performer but also a splendid comic writer. Okay bonus for Y'all, she even wrote for her film, Trainwreck. Pretty cool right?

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Does not try to fit into the celebrity world

Amy Schumer  with her sister, Kim Schumer

Despite being a well-known celebrity, she doesn't care about the glamour world. Instead, she is on her own; she's just a human who likes to roam around without heavy makeup and in sweatpants. She even cracked a joke on self once, saying she and her sister go out in sweatpants and click the weirdest pictures of them. Let me tell you, this girl is not only nailing the comedy world, but she has stood out in her own way as well. 

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