Counting Cars, which started as a spin-off of Pawn Stars in 2012 went to become a sensation all it’s own. The show’s lead Danny Koker probably hadn’t thought that the show would become such popular that it has successfully completed eight seasons and with the ninth season on the way.

Gear up people, the new season of your favorite auto repair reality show is all set to pop up on screens from July 10 onwards. Get ready to meet your favorite Danny Koker and his team of auto-restoration experts at Count’s Kustoms.

You must have known a lot about the prominent television personality, but we are here with some facts which you might have missed. 

Danny’s Dad was Singer Too

Danny’s fans are quite familiar with the fact that he is also into music and even owns the famous concert venue, Count Vamp’d. He is also the frontman of the hard rock-metal band, Count’s 77.

Folks, Danny’s dad, Daniel Koker Sr. (December 17, 1933- 2008) was also an avid musician. In fact, he was a singer, composer, conductor, musician and was pretty much in everything in the singing field. He was associated with various bands like Weatherford Quartet, The Cathedral Quartet, Foggy River Boys, The Rex Humbard Family Singers and Koker Family Singers.

Danny Koker has tattoo on his arms

Apart from music, Daniel Sr. also played hockey for the US Army and was also into baseball. Just like his son, the multi-talented personality was an automotive enthusiast too.

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Danny’s Bandana

Danny’s bandana on his head has given birth to several assumptions. Some think he has tattooed some private organs on his forehead, Weird, right? But that somehow is not the case.

Danny Koker is sitting on a couch

A lot of people hate his bandana, still, there are some who love his look. We got to say, he has his own reasons. Reportedly, he wears a bandana to hide his receding hairline. His fans have commented that they would prefer to see him with the bald head if he carries that with confidence rather than sticking with the bandana all the time. Regardless, it’s all up to Danny how he wants to upfront his personality.

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Making Deals is Difficult

This doesn’t come as a surprise as being famous comes with a certain amount of cost.  In Danny’s case, that somehow has affected his business, sometimes in a better way and sometimes in not so good way.

Danny Koker is wearing a black sando

In an interview in 2013, Danny confessed that his popularity from the show has somehow made the haggling more complicated than it used to be. His whopping net worth of $13 million and the handsome paycheck from the show has a lot to do, to make the bargaining more difficult. Well! That’s the price Danny has been paying for his wide recognition which he earned from the show.

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Danny’s Best Car Fix…Bringing Families Together

Danny has fixed several cars and has proved his worth time and again in the show. But, the moment when he did restoration work for a family and brought the tears of happiness in their eyes was worth watching.

Danny Koker is sitting on the car

Danny wanted to search the singer and songwriter, Barry White’s car, 79 Stutz IV-Porte, which he eventually got. He quickly bought the car dropping big bucks on that and after restoring it, he finally presented to the late singer’s wife, Glodean in episode 12 of season 1. That was the time, when he really took our heart.

Counting Cars’ star Danny Koker’s businesses and net worth

Danny’s Dream Car: Lost, But not forever?

Being a car fanatic, Danny has a dream car, and it is 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV. The one who gets an impressive paycheck and has banked a colossal amount of fortune has still not been able to fulfill his dream? That might be the thing that’s been spinning on your mind. But, as per Danny’s statement, he almost “had a deal on one, then it fell through.”

Danny Koker is standing in front of a red car

Despite the fact, his dream car is becoming even rarer and more valuable with each year passing by, his fantasy to own and restore the one is still on.

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