Updated: 06/18/2018 04:29 PM | First Published: 06/18/2018 04:24 PM

The Untold Truth of Nirvana Frontman, Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was more than just a musician, he was the voice of a generation. His stripped-down guitar, and lyrics was a message that was high on revolution challenging the status quo and love. Even though Cobain is long gone, his music compassion still continues to inspire the world.

After his parents’ divorce, he felt abandoned and got into the drinking and drug scene. As soon as his uncle gifted him a guitar on his 14th birthday, his inclination to music grew and the guitar became his best friend. He dropped out of school choosing music over education and soon founded a group with drummer Dave Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic. Little did they know about each other at that time, but as they grew up, they went on to become one of the most influential bands of all time. And the rest is history.

Here are some untold truths about the Nirvana frontman

Before Nirvana

When he was 18 years old, he teamed up with Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover to form the band, Fecal Matter. The band only created demos, but that was the root to Cobain’s grunge sound which was rooted in punk with a strong pop influence. Krist Novoselic, who was someone Cobain wanted to play with, heard Fecal Matter and reached out to him. Then, Nirvana was born.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

One night, Cobain got into an argument with Bikini Kill singer, Kathleen Hanna and she wrote "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit" on his hotel room's wall, in reference to his girlfriend, Tobi Vail's deodorant. While unaware of the deodorant, Cobain saw a deeper meaning in the spray-painted phrase and wrote the song, Smells Like the Teen Spirit. While he probably was fined for the vandalism on the hotel’s wall, we are pretty sure the song paid it off pretty well. However, he would later refuse to play it at many of the band’s later shows and  he often intentionally ruined the performance when he did play it.

Suicide tendencies in Cobain family

The question whether or not Cobain committed suicide will forever be a subject of debate. But considering his troubled life and drug addiction that went deep, many believe that he killed himself. He isn’t the only one in his family to commit suicide, his two uncles killed themselves with self-inflicted gunshot to the head. When he was younger, he would often record Super-8 movies. One of his movies included a scene where he commits suicide. His daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, had a suicide-themed party for her 16th birthday. Sounds bizarre enough! 

Cobain almost joined the Navy

Cobain wasn’t much of a student, so his father tried his best to indulge him in school wrestling team and other sports. Not only that, his father also tried to settle him into the Navy by meeting with a Navy recruitment officer in 1984. Cobain actually completed the process and had to meet with the recruitment officer. But, he instead decided to get high and blew off the meeting. It might have worked out for the better, but who would Kurt Cobain be, without his music.

Suicide note to his imaginary childhood friend

Boddah was Kurt’s imaginary childhood friend, whom he addressed in his suicide note. When he was a child, Kurt was accused of torturing a cat, but he blamed Boddah for that. So if it is to be believed, his final letter was addressed “Dear Boddah,” the friend who always got him in trouble. His letter further discussed his musical roots and the pain of having empathy for his fans. He also mentioned that society came across as too much for him to handle and how he didn’t like being famous. He concluded noting “it’s better to burn out than to fade away.”

Rest in Peace Kurt Cobain! You will always remain in our heart and memory.