More than three years after the end of fan-favorite biker drama, Sons of Anarchy, fans are relieved for its return in the form of a spinoff, Mayans MC. While fans were sad to know that Charlie Hunnam won’t be reprising his role as Jax Teller in Mayans, but you might get more of SOA characters in its spin-off.

SOA Characters in Mayans MC!

It was already known that Emilio Rivera is reprising his role as the president of the Mayans MC Oakland Charter, Marcus Alvarez. The show will be connecting several dots with Sons of Anarchy, and that started with none other than former biker queen, Gemma Teller (played by Katey Sagal). While recently confined EZ (played by JD Pardo) breaks up with his girlfriend, Emily (played by Sarah Bolger), we can see Gemma in the background of a prison visiting room. 

Katey Sagal's black and white picture wearing a leather jacket

After EZ ends his relationship with Emily, she reveals about her pregnancy, which leaves EZ unhinged, attacking guard trying to get Emily to return and talk about their child’s future. Gemma witnesses the entire scenario, when she is sitting by herself waiting for EZ’s fellow inmates.

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With this surprising sightings, if you are anticipating more of SOA moments in Mayans MC, then it’s likely that creators won’t disappoint SOA fans. Mayans MC co-creator Kurt Sutter shared at the Television Critics Association press tour in a small group interview, 

Having Gemma there in the pilot was fun for us and will speak to something we want to do later on. It’s a little bit of a nod to Sons, but I think also there’s a reason why she was there and we’ll find out what it is later on.

Another co-creator, Elgin James told GameSpot, the connection to the original series that Kurt plants “all pay off somehow” and also clarified, “nothing is just thrown away.” Creators are working in ‘Mayans MC’ plots not just trying out things bringing in “sensational one  hit kind of thing.” 

To every appearance of SOA characters, “There has to be an integral part of why it’s important to the new mythology,” Kurt divulged. But “it would really have to be integral to the story,” for Kurt to bring Jax Teller back in flashbacks.

Catch Mayans MC on Tuesdays on FX at 10 PM ET.


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