Captain Sig Hansen’s daughter, Mandy Hansen, is a tough lady on board, but she is very delicate. Earlier this month, she shared a heartbreaking message on Instagram alongside a photo of a white onesie and size three booties of a baby.

Struggles of Mandy Hansen

She wrote the open letter to her baby, which she lost last season on the boat, but didn’t mention the further details. Many fans have expressed grief in her loss and have showered her with well-wishes and support. She is undoubtedly devastated by the loss but has been keeping it all positive with the love that she still feels for her unborn.

Mandy Hansen and her dog

F/V Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen and his wife June adopted two daughters, Mandy and Nina and raised them. Mandy, the youngest daughter, joined Sig on the Bering Sea as a greenhorn on Northwestern in 2014 and is preparing to become a captain.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Sig Hansen’s Daughter Mandy Hansen Facts

She married Northwestern greenhorn Clark Pederson in June 2017 in a Norwegian ceremony at the Pacific Fisherman Shipyard in front of Northwestern. Mandy and Clark have been together for years. They have been open about their romance.

Over the past few years, Deadliest Catch fans have been in awe of Mandy’s calm toughness. Deadliest Catch new season may premiere sometime in April. You may probably get to hear the details of Mandy’s tragic loss in the future.

Stay strong, Mandy!

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