Shane McAlary is a sedulous racer famously recognized as the cast member of Discovery’s hit series, Street Outlaws. Initially, he drove a 1977 Chevy Vega aka The Blackbird. In 2017, he was involved in a severe accident which took him out of the strips for few months. However, Shane made a huge comeback in the show with all-new Blackbird Chevrolet Vega.

Early life

Shane McAlary was born in Elk City, Oklahoma to father, Rex McAlary, and mother, Marilyn McAlary. He grew up with his sisters, Carrie McAlary, and Stacie McAlary Holly. He completed his high school at Elk City High School in Goodwell, Oklahoma and graduated from Burns Flat VO Tech School.

Shane McAlary poses with a couple of wheels on the back of a truck.

Shane was introduced to the racing world at an early age. His father was a former professional racer who used to drive the L Stock 1957 Chevrolet back in the 1960s on Western Oklahoma drag strips.

Cars and career 

Shane started his racing career at a young age. His father, being a first-generation racer in the family, influenced Shane to pursue his career as a professional racer. His first street vehicle was an old Blazer. In the initial days, Shane’s father, Rex, helped him get started with motocross and dirt-track stock car racing.

Shane McAlary is in the garage

At the age of 16, Shane replaced his old car with 1977 Chevy Vega. He bought the Red Vega because it was cheap and light. The car was traditional, stock unibody street car. While racing the Vega in the street of Oklahoma nearly 20 years ago, Shane became friends with Shawn Ellington, the future Murder Nova and the cast member of Street Outlaws.

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Shane started racing in all kinds of competition. From street racing to motocross or both cross-country, Shane would show up in every possible contests when it came to racing. He also participated in the Drag Week 2014 and has been a regular contestant of the event since then.

Shane McAlary poses on a race track with black t-shirt and jeans.

After years of street racing, Murder Nova invited Shane to the reality series, Street Outlaws. He took the opportunity and made his debut on the show in the season 6 alongside his co-driver, Bob. Despite being one of the newer members of the show, Shane wasted no time to prove his credentials. He raced with the 1977 Chevy Vega aka The Black Bird for a couple of seasons. Shane currently drives a 1974 Chevrolet Vega and stands in the #6 position on The List.

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Near-death accident

Shane had an unfortunate car crash on the street-legal “no prep” strip in Sayre, Oklahoma. McAlarys describes the mishap as a result of an internal issue. At the speed of over 150 mph, The Blackbird met series of unpleasant flips and rolls, completely wrecking the car. Shane had to be air-lifted in an air ambulance which alone cost him $40,000.

Shane McAlary and his co-driver, Bob posing with a mannequin.

Luckily, Shane did not suffer any significant injuries other than a severe concussion. However, it took him quite a while to start over again following the brutal crash. Ultimately, he returned on the Street Outlaws with his new Blackbird Chevrolet Vega in early 2017. The car features a massive F-3R-121 ProCharger with a 2000 horsepower Gen 1-style small block V8.

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Few months after the comeback, Shane was involved in yet another accident. He was going head-to-head against Justin ‘Big Chief’ Shearer in a high-profile semifinal round of elimination at the Briston Dragaway on August 22, 2017. Unfortunately, in the middle of the race, Shane lost control of his car and collided his world famous Vega, on the wall after skidding across the track.

However, the accident was not physically and financially drowning this time. Soon after the crash, Shane said, “That last one was bad. This one wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t the greatest situation either. The car getting slammed down and sliding across the track, it bent both rear wheels, so I had to gather up some new wheels, and Shawn [Ellington] gave me some front wheels he had left over from his car, and I just put the car back together well enough to race it.”

Net worth

Before starting his career as a professional racer, Shane worked as a technician at Canard Atv & Cycle. More recently, Shane earns serious cash as a prominent cast member of Street Outlaws. Besides, he also owns Mcalary Atv & Cycle. However, Shane is yet to reveal his net worth as of 2018.

Married life

Shane is not only a professional racer but also a family man. He tied the knot with Ashley McAlary on May 23, 2009. His wife, Ashley, is an Occupational Therapist.

Shane McAlary is with his wife Ashley McAlary and his children

The two have been together for nearly a decade and shares a blissful married life. Together, they share two sons. He currently resides in Elk City, Oklahoma with his family.

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Social Media

Shane maintains his relationship with the fans through the social media platforms. He is quite active on Facebook and Instagram. He mostly shares pictures about his cars and updates his fans about the new upgrades. Shane also posts pictures of his wife and kids every once in a while. As of March 2018, Shane has 116K followers on Instagram and 16.5K followers on Facebook. He also has an official Facebook page for his car named The Black Bird Vega which has 122.5K followers.

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