Richard Rawlings is pulling off the plug on his marriage for the third time! The star of the popular Discovery show, Fast N’ Loud and owner of Gas Monkey Garage has filed for divorce from Suzanne Mergele.

Richard Rawlings & Suzanne Mergele are Divorcing!

This is the second time Richard and Suzanne are calling off their marriage. According to TMZ, he filed his legal papers in Dallas and the decision is mutual. In an interview on Rover’s Morning Glory, he said that they ended their relationship in the summer of 2018. He took to Twitter to announce the news on March 11.

Richard's Tweet

The 49 years old reality star first married Suzanne back in 1999, in Las Vegas and went separate ways after a decade. Richard founded Lincoln Press in 1999 and started Gas Monkey Garage in 2002. While struggling to build his business, he couldn’t give time for his wife and the pair split in 2009.

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Richard and Suzanne

However, they remained in friendly terms until reconciling during a trip to Cabo, Mexico on their mutual friend, Dennis Collins’ birthday. The pair tied the knot for the second time in 2015 in Cabo, Mexico. After remarrying he stated,

“We got divorced while all the [Gas Monkey and Fast N’ Loud] stuff was happening and it was hard for her to put up with it, so it was rough on her for a while. I’m traveling, I’m gone, and, of course, there are lots of girls out there.”

He stated earlier that his TV shows and business put a strain in his personal life. Perhaps this might be the case once again. He was first married to Karen Grames, but they ended their year-long union in 1994.

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