Richard Rawlings is the brains behind Gas Monkey Garage and the hit Discovery show, Fast N’ Loud. He sold his printing business to open a car restoration shop and eventually ended up a reality star. A car enthusiast from a young age, fans know about his work form his appearances on TV. Today, we present five facts about Richard Rawlings you probably didn’t know.

Hard worker

Richard Rawlings in Gas Monkey Garage wearing the GMG t-shirt

Richard Rawlings didn’t become famous overnight or earn his big fortune just by being a car show host. Like everyone else, he dreamt big and worked hard to make it a reality. In his early days, Richard worked as a firefighter, law enforcement officer and even a paramedic. This was all before he was 21 when he wanted to have his own business. Later in 1999, he decided to quit his job and started running a printing and advertising business.

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Wasn’t that famous in high school

Richard Rawlings standing with his 1968 Ford Mustang and Shelby GT350 convertible

For a guy who is one of the most sought-after television personalities, Richard wasn’t that famous during high school. Neither boys nor girls liked hanging out with Rawlings as he was just babbling about cars all the time. He was regarded as a geek by most of his friends and was never athletic. According to one of his classmates, although Rawlings definitely wasn’t a ladies’ man, he sure was a show-off.  He used to do figure 8s and donuts on the school property.

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Road Rally racer

Richard Rawlings leaning on a car's hood

Being the front man of the Discovery Channel hit show, he isn’t that bad behind the wheel.  Richard’s love for cars isn’t fixated on just buying and fixing them, he loves showing off his driving skills and has done so by participating in different races and in some cases winning them.  Richard competes in the world-famous competition, Road Rally, which sees drivers from all over the world taking part. He hasn’t just raced in Road Rally, he’s won different titles as well. If you ever came across the annals of Road Rally history, you will see the name, Richard Rawlings, written in big bold letters.

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Record holder

Richard Rawlings amidst a burnout

Richard has proven that not only can he drive cars but he can drive them well, which he proved in England by winning two Gumball 3000 titles. He has also raced in another major competition, the Bullrun 4000. Apart from just winning, he also holds a world record, with Denis Collins, in the legendary coast to coast race, the Cannonball Run. They accomplished this in 2007 with the help of their ride, a Ferrari 550 Maranello.

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Bike Designer

Richard Rawlings with his former partner, Aaron Kaufman

Richard loves working with anything that has an engine and wheels. He and Aaron Kaufman, his former partner in crime, participated together in a motorbike build-up contest. In the competition, that included the likes of bike designers Jesse James and Paul Teutul Jr., the pair was able to come in second.

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