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5 Amazing Facts about Dennis Collins from Fast N' Loud

When it comes to investing money in the heaps of motorized metal, Dennis Collins is a clear winner. He has piled up his fortune with several pioneering ventures. Further, he has made a name for himself as an investor in vintage automobiles. Other than that, he is widely known as the friend of Gas Monkey Garage owner, Richard Rawlings and for his guest appearances in the hit reality show, Fast N’ Loud

More or less, car enthusiasts do know about Dennis, but there is a lot more to uncover about him. So, we are here with five fascinating facts about Dennis Collins. 

Collins Bros Jeep Founder

Dennis Collins standing in front of green jeep,  which is parked at his company Collins Bros Jeep

In 1984, Dennis founded the company, Collins Bros Jeep. Since then, the company has been working on restoration, refurbishing and even customization. More specifically they work on Jeeps and Wranglers. He expanded his business and established another company, Black Mountain, in 2007 which delivers parts for Jeeps and Wranglers. Currently, he is busy managing his successful businesses.

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1958 Austin-Healey won Best Restored Car at the Kuwait Concours

It is not a surprise that Dennis has a taste for really rare cars. He practically lives at the auction houses. Which makes the story of his award for 1958 Austin-Healey really interesting. 

1958 Austin-Healey

During an interview with Hooniverse, he  shared, “I chased this car for over 25 years.” That’s a long time; we have to say. But it was not something easy to grab. He literally reached out to the owners each year until they retired and he was finally able to negotiate a deal

After a makeover from top to bottom, the car became a total beauty, which earned him the award, the Kuwait Concours d'Elegance. His hard work and patience really did pay him well. Even his longtime friend, Richard Rawlings gave him a shout out on Facebook for his win. 

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Healeys collection 

Dennis Collin is looking in front of the camera posing standing in front of his car. He is smiling and he is wearing a black T-shirt bearing small car logo, and a jeans.

His collection of the vintage cars is genuinely applaudable. He has collected and sold so much Healeys that he stopped counting. Literally! He stopped counting when it reached 500. During an interview, he shared,

When it got to the point where I documented owning 500 of them I just stopped counting.

A true automobile connoisseur.

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Hell Ya’ to Auction

When you are Dennis Collins, a lot of cars come and go. But, there are still some which you remember until your last breath. For Dennis, it was the most expensive Mustang in the world, the Super Boss

Dennis Collins standing beside his lustrous red car

It was not just the monetary value, but its significance as it was a rare one. The car toured Vietnam while the war was still going on. He sold the car at the Barrett-Jackson auction for $116,000. However, he now feels, he should’ve hung on to it.

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Avid Nash-Healey Fanatic 

Red Nash-Healey car

Dennis is a total chronicler when it comes to sportscars. As Nash-Healey cars and products are considered quite expensive and precious throughout the automotive industry, we cannot imagine a person holding a lot of it. But, it’s Dennis who, at one point in time or another, had over 200 different Nash-Healey vehicles. And that’s surprising considering the fact of how rare they actually are. Out of all these, a 100-6 two-seater named Goldie is one of Dennis’ most special restoration.

So, what do you think about Dennis' fascinating collection and all? Mention in the comment section below. 


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Name Dennis Collins
Profession Entrepreneur
Birthday January 28, 1965
Age 55 Years Old
Marital Status Married
Wife Kimberly Collins
Best Known For Fast N' Loud
Net Worth (USD) $ 30,000,000 - Thirty Million US Dollars