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Uncanny truths about Kris Jenner that you may not have noticed

With the glamour world reaching out for new faces every day and every minute, it ain't that easy to make an immovable spot in the peak. Following the popularity comes publicizing the personal life and which is somehow challenging. But, it seems like Kardashian-Jenner are handling it quite very well, aren’t they? But the person who made it possible and built the Kardashian-Jenner empire is Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the family.

All thanks to the Momager, Kris who has successfully been keeping her empire and children on track. There are a lot of things that have been public as the reality series, Keeping Up The Kardashians showcases the day-to-day life of Kardashian and Jenner clan. But, there may be many you might be unaware of. So today we've listed five interesting facts about, Kris Jenner, which you might not have known.

Was a Flight Attendant

Kris Jenner is wearing a grey suit

Just like everyone starts off with the odd job, it isn’t much of a surprise to know that now reality star,  Kristen Mary Houghton professionally known as Kris Jenner was a Flight Attendant.Before turning into a Kardashian, she was an airline stewardess for American Airlines back in 1976. She worked for around a year. 

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Her daughter, Kendall Jenner’s middle name

Kris Jenner  with her daughter, Kendall Nicole Jenner

Taking a stand against her ex-husband, Robert Kardashian Sr. on the 1995 murder case of her good friend, Nicole Brown Simpson, she wore hand-me-down maternity clothes from the dead friend to the trial. This somehow looked like a silent protest. Paying homage to her friend, she gave middle name Nicole to her daughter Kendall Jenner.

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Sunglass lover

Kris Jenner with her grand child

Who doesn’t like sunglasses? But wear it during the night as well? Hell No! right, but that's what makes Kris Jenner stand out from the rest. She needs sunglasses even during the night. To explain that she has an ironic reason, she “feels naked without them”.

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Obsessed with black color

Kris Jenner is wearing black outfit

Just like her weird need to wear sunglasses even during the nighttime, she is insanely obsessed with black color. As you might have noticed also, she is mostly seen in a black outfit, and even her hair is black, but who wants black toilet paper? But looks like apparently, Kris Jenner does.

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Professional makeup every day

Kris Jenner doing her makeup and hair

Okay, let's face it, people, she is the star who stays under the camera every day and every minute, she has to do it right? The professional makeup! She claims it only takes her an hour to do the makeup and the hair, and that's pretty quick for her. Is it? So, that's the reason behind her hair and face set every time.

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Publicity queen

Who knows how to hit the headlines better than Kris? Prove me wrong but remember the episode in the show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, where she pushes Kim to pose for a photoshoot only with pearls? And when Rob Kardashian was hospitalized after Kris Spiked drink with Viagra? Though was meant for her then-husband, (Bruce) Jenner, who is now Caitlyn Jenner.

Kris Jenner with her son, Robert Kardashian

Most dramatic was then when she bought a biracial baby and announced it to be her grandchild. The only thing that went wrong was, North West wasn't even born when the episode aired.

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