An American commercial crab fisherman, Monte Colburn is well-recognized for Discovery’s hit reality series, Deadliest Catch. Relief Captain Monte operates the fishing vessel, Wizard with brother Keith Colburn abroad the Wizard in partnership.

Early career

Monte Colburn was born as Monte Mouse Colburn in California, USA. He grew up with his older brother, Keith Colburn who is a first-generation American crab fisherman. Following his brother’s footstep, he also joined north crab business two years after Keith got into it. He got crash course in crab fishing in the remote island of St. Paul at the time of dead winter.

Monte Colburn standing in front of his bike

Later, he entered the Bering Sea in the deck of crabber Juno, which was a partner vessel to the Alaska Trader where Keith was working. Monte’s first year in the job was full of adventure but however, it was a long race of 10 months until he took his first prolonged shore leave.

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Later, he joined his older brother’s crew as a full share deckhand in 1988. Monte became the deck boss when his older brother Keith took over wheelhouse. In 1992, he earned the coast guard mate license, which was later upgraded to a Master’s in 1995. During that time, the brothers already started working full time together as captain and relief captain.

Member of Deadliest Catch

Though Monte was successfully operating the Wizard with his brother, he got wide recognition, when he started appearing in the docu-series, Deadliest Catch. The show began airing in 2005, on the Discovery Channel which chronicles the life events and struggle that the captain and crew members have to face aboard the fishing vessel.

Monte Colburn with his friend

With their clash in thought on how things should run often generated tension on board. Despite the odd tale, Keith fully trusts his brother Monte and his ability. Monte is the person when it comes to calming his erratic brother. 

Monte has always been a savior whenever the fishing is in the verge of several difficult situations. During the prep for last king season, Monte got a chance to experience being the in charge. He had to prepare Wizard to leave Dutch, at the critical time when Keith was late and additionally, he was out of an engineer. Time and again, he has come up to maintain the environment in Wizard, from controlling the bait boys to helping his brother whenever he faces problem in driving the boat out to the grounds.

Monte Colburn and his team members

He has been the person who can handle the situation as per need. He has been spontaneous when required and sometimes harsh too. He can tolerate anything but disrespect and that was the reason why he fired a long time deckhand, Freddy Maugatai.

Besides, he has also appeared in Deadliest Catch: Legend of the Wizard (2016) and Deadliest Catch: A Season in Hell (2016).

As of 2018, Monte’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.7 million.

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His wife!

As per his Facebook relationship status, Wizard’s Captain Monte is a married man. However, he has not shared much on his married life with wife. While he is not working on the boat during off seasons, he lives in North Lake Tahoe.

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