An American reality star and storage hunter, Mary Padian aka The Junkster, is well recognized as the cast member of A&E TV show, Storage Wars and its spin-off, Storage Wars: Texas. She started appearing in Storage Wars: Texas at the beginning of the second season and in Storage Wars from season 5.

Early life details

Mary Padian was born on August 24, 1980, in Dallas, Texas. She was raised along with her brother, John Padian. She belongs to Irish-Lebanese descent, where her mother, Teresa Padian is Lebanese and her father, John Gerard Padian is Irish. Her father is a businessman, who runs a scrap metal recycling plant.

Mary Padian with her father

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism from Texas University in 2003. Right after earning the degree, she worked as an intern at D magazine. She also served as an assistant editor for Paige Rense in Architectural Digest, New York City. While working, she discovered her interest in finding and re-purposing old objects, which ultimately led her to create videos and called it “Mary’s Finds.”

Career as a reality star!

Later, she moved back to Texas and opened a store with the same name. She started the store in 2010, with the mission to turn everyday trash into something beautiful and sell it to local interior designers. One of her daily customers was Storage Wars: Texas‘ cast member, Morris “Moe” Prigoff. He used to get things from storage auctions and bring them to her store.

Mary Padian is wearing a black t-shirt

Mary attended storage auctions after Dr. Moe invited her in season 1. With finding the new source of raw materials, she continued the effort on her own time. She later joined the cast of Storage Wars: Texas at the beginning of season 2. The show which first premiered in 2011 in A&E networks, showcases the group of Texas-based professional buyers, who buy and resell the contents of storage facilities. In season 2, she was seen trying to bid on lockers on her own, but later she partnered with Moe and further with Jenny in season 3.

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After sometime building the confidence she needed, she returned to buy solo. The series ran for three seasons and last season aired on January 7, 2014. Further, in January 2014, Mary went on to appear on the original series, Storage Wars. In season 5, she appeared in three episodes, but later in season 6, she became the main buyer. The show is currently running it’s season 11, and she is still the part of the show.

Mary Padian is sitting in car

Being a reality star and owner of a store, she has been able to bank some hefty cash. As of 2018, she has a approx. net worth of  $600,000. As per the sources, she is paid around  $450,000 per season of Storage Wars.

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Has a boyfriend?

Mary Padian is wearing a white hi-neck

Amassing a huge number of followers, it’s not surprising to see them eager to know about her relationship status. Well, people, she has hinted about her boyfriend, a mysterious tall guy named, Dylan. She revealed about him in an episode of Storage Wars: Texas. She stated,

 I’ve been looking for love since I moved to California. Who’d have thunk I needed to pop back down to Texas to find my perfect man. This is Dylan. Isn’t he dreamy?

In an episode, when co-star, Rene commented about the age, Mary got over-defensive about it, as Dylan is younger than her. As of now, she has not shared much about her dating life.

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Social sites

Mary is relatively active on social sites, where she update her fans about the show, Storage Wars and share her pictures. She has 157.9k followers on her Facebook, 92.4k followers on Instagram and 57.4k followers on Twitter. 


Mary Padian is an American businesswoman and a reality TV star who gained fame from the series, Storage Wars.

She was born on August 24, 1980, to father John Gerard Padian and mother Teresa Ann Padian in Dallas, Texas.

She attended University of Texas, Austin, where she studied photojournalism and graduated in 2003.

Mary worked as an intern for “D” magazine and later worked as an assistant editor for Architectural Digest magazine in New York City.

At the same time, she started creating videos called Mary’s Finds where she sought and bought cheap items for her store of the same name.

She opened another store after returning to her home in Texas and continued gaining fame and net worth.

She was spotted by a frequent customer, Moe Prigoff, who was part of the show, Storage Wars: Texas and introduced her to the producers.

Mary made appearances on the show with Moe but became a series regular since its third season.

She has also been appearing on the main show “Storage Wars” from the 5th season in March 2014.

Even though the reality star is active on social media, there has been no details on her relationship.

She is possibly single and focusing on her career.


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