At six years old, Maggie Bakir came to mainstream media as a ballet dancer. And so, the multi-talented actress started her career as a dancer. Moreover, Bakir started acting after turning fourteen.

Maggie started her career as an actress at Ataturk Kultur Merkezi. Similarly, Bakir had found what she wanted to do for her career. And thus, the actress dedicated herself to the art of acting.

What’s the age of Maggie Bakir? Age and Bio

Maggie Bakir seems to be in her mid to late 30s. What’s more, Maggie was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in the mid-80s. Besides, Turkish actress celebrates her birth on November 4th. As such, Bakir comes from a middle-eastern ethnic background.

Maggie Bakir was looking at the camera with a Smokey eyes
Maggie Bakir was looking at the camera with Smokey eyes. Source: Instagram

Bakir holds Turkish nationality and lived in Turkey most of her early life. Despite coming to fame and the spotlight, Maggie’s family background remains hidden. As such, her parents’ names remain a complete mystery for now.

Maggie attended many schools and colleges. Furthermore, she attended Dance Akademik, a collaboration of the Royal Academy of Ballet. Later, to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, Bakir joined and graduated from Istanbul Bilgi Univerity.

The Mission: Impossible extra on her bio earned her Master’s degree from Bournemouth University. Likewise, Maggie also attended New York Academy’s Acting for Fim in Cambridge University in 1999.

How Rich is Maggie Bakir? Net Worth and Earning

Although Maggie Bakir started her career in the early 2000s, Maggie never really landed a big break. However, in 2022, she appeared as an FBI agent in The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravit. And thus, Bakir managed to earn a decent about of wealth.

Maggie Bakir was posing for a picture in a suit
Maggie Bakir was posing for a picture in a suit. Source: Instagram

As of 2022, the Turkish actress/director Maggie holds a roughly estimated net worth of $1 million. But, most of her appearance on the screen usually remained as an extra.

Given her long career in front and behind the camera, Bakir earned thousand of dollars. What’s more, her current annual earning is estimated to be around $200k.

Online Presence of Bakir

Maggie also promotes herself from her website. Likewise, Bakir loves social media. What’s more, the actress remains active on most major social media sites.

Currently, Maggie managed to gain around 1.8k followers on Instagram. Likewise, Bakir also owns LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Is Maggie Bakir Dating a Partner?

Despite coming to fame, Maggie Bakir leads a life away from the media. Consequently, Maggie’s love life remains hidden from the thousands of her fans. And as such, currently, Bakir appears to be single.

Maggie Bakir and her friend hugging at the Pride Parade
Maggie Bakir and her friend hugged at the Pride Parade. Source: Instagram

Talking about the past, Maggie kept her previous love affairs hidden. And so, the names of Bakir’s ex-boyfriends remain unknown. What’s more, in one of her IG posts, Maggie posted a picture of herself attending a Pride Parade.

It begs the question, is the Turkish actress gay? Well, even today, Maggie keeps her love life separate from the public. Moreover, Bakir remains more focused on her career at the moment.

How tall is the Turkish Actress?

According to Maggie’s IMDb page, Bakir stands at the height of five feet and seven inches. Likewise, the Turkish actress is a brunette with brown eyes.