Kristoffer Polaha became a world-renowned actor after appearing in Life Unexpected. Furthermore, he started his career in the last two decades. Yes, Polaha began his journey as an actor in 2001.

With that said, Kristoffer appeared in many TV shows and movies. Along the line, he earned a massive amount of wealth. What’s more, did you guys see him in Wonder Woman 1984? His role wasn’t a major one, but he did appear in the said DC movie. Please read all about the actor in this article below, starting with his age.

How Old is Kristoffer Polaha? Learn about his Age and more

Kristoffer Polaha, the actor from Life Unexpected, is 44 years old. Furthermore, the handsome actor was born on February 18th, 1977. And yes, he will turn 45 on February 18th, 2022. Moreover, he was born in Reno, Nevada, USA. And thus, he holds an American nationality.

Kristoffer Polaha was posing with an intense look in his eyes
Kristoffer Polaha was posing with an intense look in his eyes. Source: Instagram

Polaha was born to Esther Polaha and her husband, Jerome Polaha. Moreover, Kristoffer and his parents come from a Czech ethnicity. Likewise, his father worked as a District Court Judge in Washoe. And the actor’s mom was a housewife looking after him and his siblings.

Did Kristoffer grow up with siblings? Yes, the talented actor has three siblings in total. What’s more, the dashing actor is the youngest of the Polaha brothers. However, all of his older brothers like to lead a low-key life. And as such, the names of Kristoffer’s brothers remain hidden.

The talented actor attended the Robert Louis Stevenson boarding school when he returned to childhood. After graduating high school, he joined the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Furthermore, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts in 1999. After that, he moved to LA to pursue a career as an actor.

How Tall is Kristoffer?

Kristoffer Polaha currently stands at the height of six feet and three inches. Likewise, he has dark brown hair. Also, his facial hairs are pepper and salt in color.

Is Kristoffer Polaha married?

Yes, the dashing 44-year-old actor, Kristoffer Polaha, is a married man. Furthermore, he married the love of his soon after his career started. Likewise, Polaha married Julianne Morris on June 7th, 2003.

Kristoffer Polaha took a picture with his kids
Kristoffer Polaha took a picture with his kids. Source: Instagram

Kristoffer and his wife, Julianne, exchanged their vows away from they public eye. Moreover, the married couple held a wedding ceremony with their close friends and family. Similarly, the duo’s wedding was held in Windermere Chapel, Florida.

Polaha and his spouse, Julianne, welcomed three children in their lovely marriage. Julianne gave birth to Kristoffer Caleb Polaha on July 28th, 2004, a year after their wedding. Similarly, the actor and actress welcomed their second son, Micah Polaha, on April 6th, 2006. Lastly, the couple welcomed their third son Jude Polaha on January 2nd, 2011.

Who is Monika Puchalski Married to?

After almost two decades, Kristoffer and his wife still led strong wedlock. And so, no news or rumors surfaced regarding the duo’s breakup or divorce. What’s more, Polaha keeps his past affairs hidden from the world. As a result, the names of his ex-girlfriends remain hidden for now.

How Rich is Kristoffer Polaha? Polaha’s Net Worth

Kristoffer Polaha holds a huge amount of cash in his bank. Moreover, Polaha currently holds a roughly calculated net worth of $4 million. What’s more, the actor worked for two decades to attain his wealth.

Kristoffer Polaha with Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins on the set of Wonder Woman 1984
Kristoffer Polaha with Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins at Wonder Woman 1984 set. Source: Instagram

As an actor, a person normally earns around $17.5 per hour. Likewise, series regular and main cast earn better than the extras. Moreover, the salary starts from $30k per episode. However, some of the well-known shows/series pay significantly more.

Polaha’s wife, Julianne Morris, holds an estimated salary of $11 million. What’s more, the actress played many iconic roles on TV in her career. But, most people know Morris from the hit 90s TV show The Young and the Restless.

Online Presence of Polaha

Kristoffer Polaha is active on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. Besides, the actor managed to gain thousands of followers on both sites. However, the number of his IG followers remains larger than his Twitter followers.

As of 2022, Polaha collected around 59.9k followers on IG. Likewise, over on Twitter, Kristoffer managed to accumulate around 13.3k followers.

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