Monika Puchalski might not be a well-known name in the world. However, her husband, Lukas Podolski, definitely is. Moreover, Monika has been the wife of the Polish footballer since 2011.

Despite bathing in her husband’s fame, Monika prefers to lead a low-key life. And so, The Polish celebrity wife remains an elusive character. Nevertheless, here’s what we could dig up on Puchalski down below.

How old is Monika Puchalski? Age, Bio, and More

As of 2022, the famed wife of Lukas Podolski, Monika Puchalski, is thirty-five years old. Furthermore, the celebrity wife, Monika, was born in 1986 to her parents. However, the exact date of her birth remains hidden from the world.

Monika Puchalski and her husband Lukas Podolski posing for picture together
Monika Puchalski and her husband Lukas Podolski were posing for pictures together. Source: Facebook

Besides, Puchalski was born in Poland in a Christian family. So, she owns a Polish nationality. Similarly, Monika comes from a white ethnic group. However, the names of her parents remain unknown for now. Like herself, Monika prefers to keep her family away from the spotlight.

Speaking of families, it remains unclear whether or not Puchalski had siblings growing up. With the limited or the lack of her social media presence, many online sources claim she grew up as an only child. What’s more, the celeb wife keeps her past away from the public eye.

Though Monika owns a bachelor’s degree, the schools and colleges remain hidden. According to many online sources, the footballer’s wife holds a degree in English Literature.

Married life of Monika Puchalski and Lukas Podolski

Monika Puchalski and her husband Lukas Podolski tied the knot back in 2011. Monika and her husband held two wedding ceremonies. At first, the couple wedded in April in Cologne, Germany. Later, the Polish couple wedded in June of 2011. What’s more, Lukas and his wife exchanged their vows again at a church in Kamionna, Poland.

Monika Puchalski was with her family enjoying an outing together
Monika Puchalski was with her family, enjoying an outing together. Source: Facebook

The lovebirds started their relationship in the mid-2000s. Though the couple faced many obstacles, Monika and Lukas came through. Besides, Monika and her spouse welcomed their firstborn out of wedlock.

Speaking of children, Lukas and his wife welcomed two children in their married life. Similarly, Monika gave birth to her firstborn, Louis Gabriel Podolski, on April 14th of 2008. Likewise, the duo later welcomed their daughter Maya Podolski on June 6th, 2016.

How Rich is Monika Puchalski and her Husband? Net Worth and Assets

Monika Puchalski and her husband, Lukas Podolski, certainly own a massive wealth. Moreover, the footballer’s wife, Monika, owns an approximated net worth of $2 million. Likewise, Puchalski owns her wealth from her marriage.

Monika Puchalski was with her family riding an ATV bike
Monika Puchalski was with her family riding an ATV bike. Source: Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, Monika prefers her life away from the spotlight. As a result, her profession remains unclear even now. And so, Puchalski’s annual salary remains a mystery. On the other hand, her husband earns millions of dollars a year.

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As of 2022, Lukas, the ex-Arsenal player, holds an estimated net worth of $26 million. Furthermore, Podolski earns around $8 million from all the endorsements. Besides, the couple also draws the income from all the kebab restaurants they own.

Multiple Kebab Restaurants

Yes, the footballer Lukas Podolski owns many kebab stores. Furthermore, the name of his kebab house is Mangal Döner. What’s more, the athlete opened his restaurant chain in his home town Cologne, Germany. So far, Lukas has opened around seven of these kebab houses.

Podolski also started an ice cream joint named Ice Cream United in his hometown. Similarly, he owns two of these places in Cologne, Germany.

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